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CU: motion past gold wire ring heated with gas burner flame on insulation cover in light jewelry workshop close view

The interior of a computer case during the start - closeup

Industrial concept. A working person grinding

Abstract Blue Waves: Futuristic Patterns in Smooth Motion for Technology and AI

Fix boxes, cable channels, self-extinguishing wires cables with excellent insulation indoors

Sparks, and smoky by welding iron equipment near the wall. Frame. Close-up.

Heat shrink tubing for wires isolation in front of blue fence on green trees background. Frame. Wires protection process, heat shrink tubing

Handmade torch - lighting up the piece of cloth on the stick

Tape Rolling at a Metallurgical Plant: Hot Metal, No People

Tape Rolling at a Metallurgical Plant: Hot Metal, No People

Toys hanging on a wire inside burnt building

Blured night city. Blured city background.

Steel Pipe Production Line. Metal Tubes. Heavy Industry. Metal tube production at factory. Steel pipe production process. Red hot metal.

Equipment at the factory. Clip. A large room with huge bolons of gas that move and lie on top of each other.

Illumintaion of the christmas tree at night. Christmas lights. Magic atmosphere.

21. 01. 2017 - Kiev, Ukraine. Santa's residence. Glowing Christmas lights in motion.

Infrastructure of industrial power plant, smoking pipes, pipelines and torch

CU, Slow motion: Tricks with soap bubbles. The girl sets fire to the contents of the bubble, flashes brightly and goes out. Glare colors of rainbow, on the frame with LED backlight. Black background


Low angle view of a metal large detail on suspensions at factory. Clip. Suspension systems with anchors for carrying loads at factory.

Christmas tree and the carousel nearby. Amusment park beside the christmas tree.