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Ubud - Indonesia - 2022. The buyer in the electronics store chooses a smart watch, on the shelf in the apel store there is a large selection of Apple watches and a tablet with information.

Side view of display with watches in shopping mall. Luxury shopping


Slow motion close up of a professional watchmaker repairer working on a luxury mechanism watch gea

afro-american man with face mask is testing smartwatch in electronics store, buying modern device in large shop

black woman is comparing two models of smartwatch in electronics shop, holding exhibition samples in hands, closeup of hands

Selection in the electronics store of new smart watches with various applications. The latest technology, buying smart watches in a store

picking up the watch and examining it


man seller in apron working on laptop computer in own souvenir shop and looking at screen. Small family business concept.

Male customer paying for his takeout using digital watch on his wrist while female barista preparing his order

A young man explores an urban overbridge with a parking lot and supermarket in the background


Attractive smiling young Asian woman using mobile phone while sitting on the sofa at home

Showcase with souvenirs from murano glass, touristic shop

The showcase of Rolex Watch with Diamonds on a Factory of Amsterdam

African man look flowers composition in spring store. Close up florist pick bouquet. Fascinated guy enjoy watch flower work preparation

Tiffany and Co store front in downtown Las Vegas 4k

A view of luxurious watches in a window of a store during dark night.

Swatch shop exterior building sign in downtown Las Vegas 4k


Smiling young Asian woman using mobile phone while sitting on the sofa at home with drink in hand

Girl get shopping in a store chooses Wrist Watch O Bage

Showcase of an electronics store with a large selection of smart watches and fitness bracelets of different sizes and manufacturers. Close up of smart watches on display in shop

Girl get shopping in a store chooses Wrist Watch O Bage

Bearded man is choosing shoes in online store by tablet, browsing site

Woman look at mobile phone at park

Girl get shopping in a store chooses Wrist Watch O Bage

Tracking in of precious silver jewelry on gray display in store


Happy brunette fiancee wearing dress in wedding salon. Consultant puts a veil on bride. Bridesmaids watch enthusiastically

Woman use of mobile phone in coffee shop at night

leather gold and silver watches

male shopper with face mask is shopping in electronics shop, viewing smartwatch on demonstration showcase

An employee of the porcelain shop is installing blanks for mugs on a moving conveyor belt.

MADRID, SPAIN - JANUARY 17, 2018: Close-up shot of illuminated banner of Rolex at night. Logo on the building of the Grassy Clock and Watch Museum. Swiss luxury watchmaker founded in 1905

Close-up shot of customer paying for purchase with smartwatch and cashier giving terminal to her in supermarket

Woman admires jewelry store display

MUMBAI, INDIA - 10 JANUARY 2015: Men preparing and selling food in a street shop while local boys watch him.

Shopping in Milan, Showcases of Rolex watch store

Woman using smartwatch and laptop in outdoor cafe.

Young person selects accessories (necklace) at store. Close up.

Woman hand with smartwatch using terminal for payment, non-cash transaction, side view. Non-cash payment concept. Pos-terminal on table on black background.

Customer paying with an NFC contactless smartwatch with a card machine. Paying in a coffee shop by a smartwatch. Technology.

Child Observes Jewelry Display in Store Window

Two people are walking along the row of different display fridges in supermarket and watching the products.

Young Man Using Smartwatch and Terminal in Cafe

Reflection of an asian woman on a mirror as she tries earrings in a jewellery store

Customer paying with NFC technology by smart watch contactless on terminal in modern cafe. Business reopen after covid coronavirus lockdown

Woman uses smart phone in cafe. Close-up hands. Dolly shot

Cropped shot of man paying with smartwatch in coffeeshop and taking away his order

Shop window with watches of a closed store in a city during the coronavirus pandemic

Venice, Italy - Feb 9, 2015: Woman selecting a souvenir in a Murano glass shop