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An abstract concept of spiritual awakening through mindful meditation.

Woman stretching in bed after awakening

Green grass dew on sunset rural countryside field. Calm meadow on morning sunrise close up. Abstract shot fresh lawn growing on spring pasture landscape background. Nature beauty peaceful concept.

Man in the morning raising his hands and stretching. Media. Young man looking through the window on city street and buildings.

Close-up of young woman waking up in bed and smiling in morning sunlight

Ethnic model peacefully waking up on cozy bed with alarm clock nearby


Monochrome Macro Close Up Womans Eyes Opening Eyes In Macro And Dramatic Intense Black And White Awakening Concept Revelation And Clear Mind Concept

redhead woman waking up in the morning, stretch and gets up and opens curtain looking through window. Happy young woman greeting

The face of a guy meeting a new day at dawn lit by the sun

Man resting in bed in the morning. Adult covering head with pillow in bedroom. Individual lying in large bed.

Spring apricot blossoms at sunset. Small flowers in early spring with sunshine. April flowering of cherry blossoms.

Medium shot of man waking up from a nightmare

redhead woman waking up in the morning, stretch and gets up and opens curtain looking through window. Happy young woman greeting


Portrait of sleepy little Boy Sitting in Stroller Waking Up From Nap

man waking up to alarm clock

Awakening Serenity: Tracking Shot Close-Up of Meditative Overweight Man Opening Eyes to the Sky with a Calm Smile

Relaxed girl stretching arms at window interior closeup. Calm lady greeting new day enjoying weekend at cozy apartment. Dreaming woman waking up resting at domestic place back view. Morning concept

Awakening, starting new day. Sleepy tired woman drinks coffee at home.

Joyful woman with curly hair waking up and stretching in bed


Child Waking Up From Afternoon Nap Opening Eyes From Sleep Slomber Small Boy Wakes Up

Asian woman enjoying morning coffee by the window in her bedroom at home

Caucasian handsome middle-aged man with grey beard waking up early in the morning in bed under blanket. Happy good looking man getting up

Handsome Caucasian middle-aged man with grey beard standing at window in the morning, sipping hot drink and enjoying view. Indoor. Nice

AERIAL: Serene forest in early spring

rest, sleeping and people concept - man waking up in bed at home


Small Boy Opening Eye Waking Up From Sleep Child Wakes Up From Slomber Nap On Couch

Woman tries to handle sadness lying on bed after waking up

Morning Stretching Routine: Energizing Wake-Up for a Young Woman

Young Woman Slowly Waking up in the Morning, Stretching on bed - Rotating camera footage

Close up view of French Bulldog Sniffing Camera and Stretching After Nap On Sofa


Lovely little baby boy laughs in the arms of his loving mom who talks to him, smiles, embraces with tenderness and kisses him, sitting on the bed after waking up in the morning. Infancy and baby care

Woman In Bed Waking Up Snoozing Alarm Clock Mobile Phone

Close-up of a person's face opening their eyes to the sky and smiling

Aerial view of All Auspicious Stupa of Great Awakening at Ogoy Island in winter, Baikal Lake, Russia, 4k

Baby Toddler Waking Up From Nap Sleeping Baby Wakes Up

Young Woman Waking Up In Bed

Relaxed woman opening unzipping camp tent stretching in the morning in forest with dog. Wide shot portrait of satisfied Caucasian traveler and pet waking up outdoors. Slow motion.

Close up. Sad Caucasian handsome middle-aged man in depression sitting on bed, looking at window and thinking. Depressed upset male in


Happy young adult mother smiling and connecting with her little baby while waking up in the morning, doing gentle massage movements, lying together on the bed. Maternity lifestyle. Baby care concept

Morning Routine: Gentle Wake-Up and Stretching

Morning Routine: Middle Eastern Man Waking Up and Starting the Day

Medium close up of caucasian adult man in tattoos awakening, stretching up in bed and putting on his eyeglasses

Sad Caucasian middle-aged man with grey beard lying in bed and having insomnia. Good-looking male resting in bedroom and thinking

rest, sleeping and people concept - man waking up in bed at home


The young man looks at himself in the bathroom mirror and yawning, waking up.


Person Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night Unable To Sleep Young Man Suffering From Insomnia Wakes Up By Turning Light On

"4k Ultra HD: Morning Routine - Enjoying Fresh Air and Sunshine"

Morning Routine: Young Woman Embracing Sunlight in Bed