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Super8 Film Leader.

Film Scratches And Grain Texture Overlay

8mm film damage - vignette 1

Old Film Strip Overlay Texture


Vintage 8mm film scan with authentic imperfections

8mm film damage - dark grain

Old film scan overlay. Vintage super 8 mm effect. Retro edge negative.

Soft Light Leaks 1

Soft Light Leaks 2


Panning footage of Caucasian bald blogger filming vlog on phone while his friends singing song to guitar on sofa in background in vintage cozy studio

Super 8mm film frame with alpha channel.

Old Film Look Overlays Pack - 5 In 1 (1 Part)

Authentic 4K Super 8 Film Frame With Sprocket Hole for Retro Vintage Digital Video Effects.

Sepia Film Strip Overlay Texture

Authentic Old Super 8 MM Film Frame Vintage Overlay Background


Close-up woman hand puts cassette into deck analog recorder playing music close up. Analog tape recorder plays audio cassette spins plays music slide top front. Retro tape reels rotate. Relax concept

25 seconds of projected blank 8mm film with dust, scratches, and hair. Includes projector audio. Composite this over your footage to get an old film look. Please see my large collection of film textures and effects for more clips like this.

Film Grain - Med BW

Vintage Film Kids Play in Kiddie Pool

Pulp Paper Texture

16mm film damage - soft

Scratches and dust film rolling effect retro vintage 4K footage.

Concept of vintage movie

An antique 8mm film projector is turned on in a dark room, and projects a blank movie with a dust and hair texture, lifted from real 8mm film. Includes projector audio.

Dust background on black background

Crumpled White Paper Texture

Dark Old Film Look With Hairs

2 versions of an old-fashioned film countdown leader (color and desaturated sepia) with crackling audio.


Portrait of Young Fashionable Man In Surreal Unreal Urban Environment

Film light turning on

Super 8 mm film frame retro vintage effects with digital video. Create archival footage

film noir detective looking at evidence

Dust, dirt, scratches, hairs old damaged surface. Grunge texture. Retro vintage effect on black background.

4K Old Tv Film Look Overlay

Old video recorder close-up, VHS. Retro player, vintage video cassette broadcasting, audio tape.

Iconic Peyto Lake in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Vintage Film Look.

Wax figure of world-famous scientist, theoretical physicist, Nobel laureate, creator of theory of relativity Albert Einstein. Video in retro style like an old film

A child unwraps holiday gifts. Vintage 1970s footage.

Photographic film. woman hadns. background. Instagram retro vintage picture

World War II era military airplanes and explosions


A silhouette of a young woman takes a photo in nature

Sunbeams shining through the leaves in the middle of the forest. Vintage Film Look.

Photographic film. woman hadns. background. Instagram retro vintage picture

A person rides public transport and looks out of the window. Vintage Film style.

Mountain river stream flowing in the woods. Vintage Film Look.

Analog TV VHS Static Noise Overlay Background Effect

Blue Peyto Lake in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Vintage Film Look.

Overview of old Italian city of Bergamo on a sunny day. Vintage Film Look.