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Communist animated flag

Kiev, Ukraine, May 31, 2010: Communist political meeting in Kiev, Ukraine

A soviet sculpture of worker and farmer in Moscow

Three soldiers walk tiredly on the railway - archive

Reconstruction of Military Operations in Russia, 1917: Soldiers Discussing on Field


Aerial view of railway tracks and railroad bridge in winter scenery

A soviet monument in Russia

Romanian Communist Prison - guard patrolling menacingly on the first floor

RUSSIA, KAZAN 09-08-2019: A wind instrument parade - military musicians in green costumes marching on the street holding musical instruments


Aerial view Dombay's mountain territories. Mountain territories wilderness of high Mountain territories winter wonderland snow serenity Icy

Globe Russia - Close Up - 4k

Marshals epaulet with coat of arms of the Soviet Union, higher military rank. Old military uniform of Soviet Union times. Military insignia with State Emblem of the USSR, hammer and sickle, gold star

Slow motion tracking shot of male reenactors wearing Soviet Red Army uniforms performing offensive


Maykop Cathedral Mosque - the main cathedral juma mosque in the city of Maykop in the Republic of Adygea

Aerial view of a mountain river in a narrow gorge. Abandoned old dangerous road along the Mzymta river with tunnels to the village of Krasnaya Polyana. Tourist attraction of Sochi

Romanian soldiers in the Second World War - archival

Close-up of big rusty emblem of Soviet Union in Pripyat town at sunrise, Chernobyl exclusion zone. Aerial view of USSR symbol on roof of apartment house abandoned after disaster at nuclear power plant

Barbed wire remains of iron curtain.


Aerial view on Sochi city at summer, Russia, 4k

Captured prisoners guarded by soldiers with dogs. Cold war concept.

Chinese and Russian flags

Silhouettes of soviet soldiers in a forest from WWII


Flying over Shikhan mountain (Tra-Tau), Russia, Bashkortostan, South Ural, 4k

Inside a communist prison between 1948-1989. The clip can illustrate Persecution of Christians in the Eastern Bloc.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - MAY 07, 2019: Aerial view of tanks column leaving military base to have a trial run for military parade devoted to Victory Day

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - MAY 07, 2019: Aerial shot of trial run of military parade, column of tanks with soldiers setting off

A large group of people are walking along the streets. Refugees fleeing conflict

Romanian soldiers during the Second World War - archival shots


Aerial panoramic view 360 degrees on Nilo-Stolobensky (Nil) deserts - Orthodox monastery and the lake Seliger, Tver region, Russia, 4k

Aerial: Archeopark, open-air reconstruction of prehistoric times. Bear Statues - Jun 25, 2023, Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia

Aerial view of colorful balloons flying over a green field on a summer sunny day. Shot. Concept of romantic day, flying in the sky.

Old military uniform of the Soviet Union times. Generals uniform with two gold star medals of the Hero of the Soviet Union. Awarded for heroic feats in service to the Soviet state and society

Kremlin chiming clock on the Spasskaya Tower. Moscow. Russia.


Flying over Shikhan mountain (Tra-Tau), Russia, Bashkortostan, South Ural, 4k

Center of the Russian policy and the residence of the President of the Russian Federation - Kremlin. Dolly shot

Religion and cold war concept.

timelapse landscape with river and rain on horizon - view from height

KAZAN, RUSSIA - 14 JULY 2019: Big crowd of people walking on the streets

Russia - Moscow, night view of the Kremlin.


Flying over Shikhan mountain (Tra-Tau), Russia, Bashkortostan, South Ural, 4k

Silhouettes of the soviet soldiers with dogs. Cold war concept.

Russia on a political map - closeup

Silhouettes of soldiers during World War II - archive

KHARKIV, UKRAINE - MARCH 19, 2022: Speech to Ukrainians. Sixth president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Politician, actor, comedian. Smartphone in man's hands. War in Ukraine concept


Aerial view on Monastery of Saint Euthymius in the ancient town Suzdal, Golden ring, Russia, 4k

Close-up of Motherland - Steel Sculpture From Times of USSR Opened by Leonid Brezhnev. Monument Is Made of Stainless Steel and Is Located on Bank of Dnieper River, Kiev, Ukraine. Shot on RED EPIC 4K

Soldiers marching in a line on a paved road


Aerial view on Caucasus mountains at summer, Russia, 4k