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Very old house in deplorable condition

Out of focus long shot slow zoom down dark hall

Creepy abandoned building in the city center. Exterior.


Grungy Old Texture Decay Pavement

aerial view of abandoned old factory

Front door entrance to a single family house with a no solicitors sign on the storm door - dolly establishing shot

Zoom out attic window abandoned asylum administration building

abandoned hotel tilt

Pull back from solitary chair in sunlit doorway down dark hall

Abandoned Drive In Moonlite Theatre wide

An old run down building with lots of rust on the ground

VHS zoom in and out close-up portrait of young African American man rapping at party with friends

Homeless people's house

Colorful torn posters on grunge old walls as creative and abstract background


Grungy Old Texture Decay Pavement 2


Set up view of dark room abandoned in the Psychiatric Hospital

Traffic passes an abandoned or run-down building in a large city.

Zoom out stack of old computer monitors with broken screens.

Zoom out from chaotic, junk-filled room to outside courtyard.

A failed implosion of a factory's smoke stack on the banks of the Ohio River. Pittsburgh suburbs. Shot at 60fps for optional slow motion use. Audio included.

An empty swimming pool with no people in it

Dolly shot of a small one-story house with tall grass in the foreground

establishing shot of a camera pulls back to show a boarded up building

Abandoned Factory empty because of the coronavirus covid-19 epidemic

hospital ruins in an abandoned building

Aerial Overhead Top Down Birds Eye View of an Abandoned Factory Village at Beach on Greek Island

City garbage dump close up


An old ruined building with broken walls and boarded up windows. Stock footage. View inside of a large abandoned industrial facility

Zoom out arched window frame to wheelchair in tiled hall.

Prague Czech Republic Circa January 2018 People Walking In Front Of Vandalized Grunge Graffiti Covered Walls 2

Set up view of dark room abandoned in the Psychiatric Hospital

Slow pan across room full of old books, dirt and debris.


Chaotic Wires On Electric Pole In South America, Tangled Condused Mess, Bad Infrastructure Of Cables In Power Line Urban Scene In Decay Depicting Poverty

Dilapidated old building with red brick walls, collapsing roof, broken windows, and overgrown weeds

Buildings falling apart and vacant in Santo Domingo

Urban Neighborhood Reveal


Aerial birds eye drone view on the out of use, blast furnace at Landschaftpark Duisburg north, Germany.

Post apocaliptic landscape of city

Damaged wall and sunlight. Old broken bricks. Shards of past.

Abandoned Drive In Moonlite Theatre pan up

Very old house in deplorable condition. Broken and vandalized windows

dark inside an abandoned decaying mental hospital


Abandoned industrial crane cabin overgrown, graffitied, urban exploration site. Decaying structure, metal corrosion, historical machinery

Tilt down duct and lattice work ceiling in abandoned room

interior of the abandoned soviet building

Remains of old building after the war.


Factory chimney, icon of the Industrial Revolution, industrial heritage. Brick chimney, exhaust duct for flue gases. Aerial top down view.


Tangled Cables And Chaotic Urban Infrastructure On South American Electric Pole