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Silhouette of hopeless fired employee escaping problems in alcohol abuse while sitting in loneliness at home. Many empty bottles on foreground. Wasted alcoholic man drinking alcohol beverage indoors.

Cropped shot of homeless man with sign on chest sitting with cup and asking for donation next to shelter

Ginger businesswoman feeling sad because her boss fired her. Woman in glasses is tortures herself sitting near the business centre because


Depressed Unemployed Senior Homeless Beggar Being Poor After Job Loss

Homeless beggar sleeping in rags on ground while people walking on street and donating money in metal can for him

Owner sitting on floor in closed cafe, small business lockdown due to coronavirus.

Close up shot of unrecognizable African American businessman walking with box of file folders through corridor of office center while leaving job or working as archivist


Female Manager Fired from Work. Young Woman Holding I Need Job Sign Searching Job Sitting Outdoors Near Office Centre. Unemployment and

Cropped shot of beggar with sign on him walking with shopping cart under highway at daylight

Desperate unemployed man with the inscription on the sheet "I need a job". Job loss due to coronavirus pandemic

Two multiethnic street beggars sitting in rugs on ground with cardboard sign and talking about something

Sad businessman sitting on stairs outdoor with box of stuff as lost business. Fired man. Male office worker in despair lost job. Unemployment rate growing due pandemic

Caucasian Businesswoman Feeling Sad Because Her Boss Fired Her. Woman Is Crying Sitting Near the Business Centre Because She Is Jobless. Jobless People Concept

A shop owner places a help wanted sign in the window.

Mature man collecting recyclables under bridge in city.

Job center employee pinning job vacancies on employment noticeboard.


Depressed Unemployed Senior Homeless Beggar Being Poor After Job Loss

Group Of Job Candidates Waiting For Interview In Office

African survival and poverty

African American street beggar sitting on ground with cardboard sign and metal cup as passer by giving him money and telling kind words to support

Disabled Veteran sign held by man in wheel chair 4k

Occupy Dayton tents in Downtown

Medium long view of poor tramp sleeping on street next to self-made shelter

Businessman Went Bankrupt

face of Africa and dissability


Elderly Homeless Man Suffering from Poverty Looking for Help at Train Station

Woman having problem on her laptop, stressed female in emotions

Back view full length of senior homeless male walking to the tunnel under the bridge with trash bin bags on his shoulder. Limping male looking for shelter at sunset. Steadicam stabilized shot.

Jobless man wearing suit begging for money in street

Hungry homeless man getting food from a woman and taking a bite from the togo container while sitting outside with a homeless and hungry cardboard sign

Homeless man lying on cardboard puts on his hat and tries to get comfortable under a sleeping bag

Businesswoman in a black suit holding Need Work sign searching job standing near office centre. Jobless people concept. Global unemployment.


Elderly Homeless Man Suffering from Poverty waiting at Train Station at night

Homeless man with a beard lying on cardboard with an empty wine bottle, his sleeping bag, and a backpack all behind him - dolly shot

face of Africa and dissability

Asian troubled man wearing a hood in an empty room

face of Africa and dissability


Elegant Lady Meeting Homeless Man Begging at Train Station Feeling

face of Africa and dissability

African American street beggar sitting on ground with cardboard sign and metal cup as passer by giving him donation

Multiethnic volunteers serving free meals for homeless people at outside food kitchen on urban street

homeless peoples lying on street . Night time . Frankfurt, Germany 18 may 2022

Cropped shot of male tramp standing with sign homeless and hungry outside on street

Portrait of homeless beggar with sign on chest standing under bridge with shopping cart and looking at camera

Long shot of tramp going down highway with shopping cart in unknown destination

Professional unemployed business people sit on chairs, legs closeup view

Jobless job seekers sit in queue hide face with questions

Owner's Frustration: Closed Cafe in Lockdown