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NEA KALLIKRATIA, GREECE - AUGUST 12, 2017: Beach with people sunbathing, relaxing under sun umbrellas and bathing in the sea. Summer vacation at the seaside

THESSALONIKI, GREECE - AUGUST 23: Crowded summer beach at a tropical resort with beachgoers and holidaymakers relaxing under beach umbrellas on the golden sand on August 23, 2013 in Thessaloniki

Pink umbrellas suspended in Montpellier streets preventive breast cancer campaign.

Cinematic red and white beach umbrella moving in the wind. Summertime vacation concept. Idyllic and simple holiday paradise

Pan of soft unoccupied deckchairs with pillows under fluttered umbrellas at luxury open resort terrace

Arc dollying-out shot of modern couple chatting and sipping cocktails at posh outdoor terrace under blue sky

White Sand Beach Tropical Ocean Caribbean Sea Cuban Holidays Cuba

Adorable cat relaxing on sandy beach

Woman in Grey Sweater in Shade of Beach Umbrella

Outdoor deck, terrace with sun bed, umbrellas and towels near the swimming pool, next to the beach front


Clear water drips down from rainbow parasol. Raindrops cascade out of turning umbrella edge closeup. Serene and captivating scene in meadow

Big waves on the sea beach, people swimming in the background.

Cocktail Umbrellas on Pier and Sea

Colorful umbrellas hanging in the sky


Turning rainbow umbrella at sun shower closeup. Stylish colorful parasol rotates covering walker from rain on nasty day. Bright accessories

31. 10. 2019 - Belek, Turkey. Swimming pool landscape with palm trees. Tourists enjoying summer vacation. Relax in the turkish hotel.

Beautiful Woman Enjoying the Beach

Empty outdoor cafe on the beach with big sun umbrellas and sea in distance

Stunning View of Pool and Villa

The exterior of modern villa with terrace, swimming pool and deck chair

Wooden pier with sunbeds and umbrellas at sunset. Pier with chaise loungers in the sea at resort during sundown. Summer vacation at a sea coastline.


Young couple sharing a day at the beach during cold spring weather. Stock clip. Man and woman with umbrella meeting at the sea .

Scenic view of tropical hotel with pool. Beautiful garden at luxury hotel. Travel to Turkey.

Camera Dolly shot of leisure area on terrace of posh hotel showing chase-lounge, swimming pool and greenery

Beautiful Asian Woman in Kimono Enjoying Sunny Spring Day in Park

sun kawaii style character animation

Holiday Beach Seat With White Umbrella In Maldives


Hues of parasol stand out against gray sky. Colorful parasol twirls overhead as walker navigates train-soaked streets. Harshness of storm

Men open his umbrella

Vibrant beach umbrella against a blue sky. Sunny and breezy weather. Beach season.

Outdoor deck, terrace with gray deck sofas, table and umbrellas near the swimming pool, next to the beach front

Bright colored beach umbrella in the wind against a blue sky with sun glare


Raindrops create cascade with every rotation. Raindrops trickle down from colorful parasol transforming rainy day in playful and enchanting

Arc shot of massive palm tree as terrace decoration of luxurious resort hotel

colorful umbrellas hanging in the sky

Dollying-in shot of lush greenery in planter on tropical resort with villas in background

Relaxing by the Beach: Summer Vibes on an Exotic Island

Top view beach chairs. Palm trees, sand, beach umbrellas, coastline. Vacation. Aerial drone video footage

Close Up of Blond Woman in front of Blue Ocean

NEA KALLIKRATIA, GREECE - AUGUST 12, 2017: Beach with empty chaise-longues and wind waving sun umbrellas in cloudy evening

33 View Of Tropical Beach And Caribbean Sea In Cancun Mexico

Sunset on the beach time lapse. Sea sunset timelapse. Beach sunset with umbrella silhouette. Ocean sunset. Sun sets over sea horizon. Sunset sky. Sunset beach. Sunset background

Palm Trees and Sunshade Umbrella on Tropical Beach

Beach umbrella strings in wind. Colorful red beach umbrella for sun shade in old town of Burano.

Top view of the pool, sun loungers and umbrella made of palm branches

Top down view of beach at water's edge in Cancun


Colorful parasol under spring rainfall. Multicolored umbrella spins gracefully offering splash of colors against backdrop of dreary weather

Wooden Umbrella near the Seaside