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Woman arranging tools in tool box 4k

A set of tools for repair in car service, close up

Medium close-up of caucasian construction contractor in blue overall scanning barcodes on boxes with goods on pallet racking at warehouse with handheld scanner

Medium shot of wooden handmade birdhouse on workbench in carpentry workshop with no people there

Tool box and metal pieces. Socket wrench set. Workplace of repairman.

Medium shot of elderly carpenter with gray hair wearing shirt and apron sanding wooden chair

Tilt down shot of African American carpenter drilling holes in wooden plank together with child when building box in workshop

Process of production of bullets. Industrial concept. Factory equipment and macine.

From above kid taking garden set from wooden box and laying out rake shovel spade on white table

Vintage wild west carpenter shop interior with antique tools

worker in his garage with a red tool storage box preparing for work

Medium close up shot of astronaut collecting samples on Moon surface

African American boy scorching surface of birdhouse on table while his father putting tools in box after crafting in workshop

Close-up, top view. Woman putting an all in one detergent capsule pill into a dishwasher.

A set on metal instruments in the box case

Smiling man stretching box at camera with blurred customer choosing tools at background. Portrait of positive Caucasian worker posing in hardware store. Supplies choice and delivery.

Medium footage of construction supervisor showing middle-eastern workman process of scanned barcodes on digital tablet standing among boxes at big warehouse

Midsection of unrecognizable warehouse worker using adhesive tape dispenser to pack cardboard box and signing invoice paper, preparing parcel for transportation and dispatching

Selective focus medium close-up shot of hands of unrecognizable Caucasian man measuring out length on piece of wood using pencil and ruler

Burning match - dark

Wrench set in storage pockets

Close-up of male hands of the professional worker collects box for gift using nail gun stapler for nails

Male supervisor arrange goods on shelves of hardware store

worker in his garage with a red tool storage box preparing for work

Packing brushes for horse grooming in to black case 4K. Long shot close up tracking person hand picking up brushes and putting inside the box. Studio shot on natural wood texture background.

Burning matchstick - reverse

Full length arc shot of three male construction workers with ladder and tool boxes standing in centre of large empty building and speaking during workday

Element of electric box in house construction. Close up shot

A set of different wrenches in different sizes in the box case

Burning matches - chain reaction

Man carries toolbox and multimeter tester. Electrician goes to repair light in office. Master finishes work on electricity. Male mechanic in uniform.

Medium shot of consrtuction drawing of chair and special carpenter equipment on wooden table in workshop

Hands-on Fishing Lesson: Teaching Youngsters the Art of Angling

Full shot of three male diverse warehouse workers sitting on stock carts and tool box and having lunch break at workplace

Match ignition - super slo mo

Match ignition - burn out

Medium shot of two multi-ethnic warehouse workmen in coveralls uniform clothing scanning barcodes on boxes on pallet racks getting data on digital tablet

Cropped shot of unrecognizable carpenter making hole in wooden plank with drill at table in workshop

Young person assembling furniture in their new home

Doctor's hand picking up lens for trial frame

Repairman inspecting washing machine for repairs

Craftsman packing leather wallet in paper and putting into delivery box, exclusive tailor making handmade products made of genuine or artificial leather to order. Workplace in atelier.

Mechanic repairs a car - in front of metal toolbox, garage service

Medium close up shot of astronaut collecting samples on Moon surface


Slow motion close up of artisan papermaking master is working on production of high quality handma

Electrician male in overalls is working with energy panel and machinery equipment on plant

Portrait of electrician on overalls is working with energy panel and machinery equipment on plant

Match ignition - slo mo