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Close-up shot of a woman taking notes in her pocket-book sitting at the wooden table with touch pad on it

High angle close up shot of unrecognizable businesswoman taking notes with pencil while working at office desk

Group of students taking notes in the university lecture. Concentrated people studying intensively in the classroom.


Timelapse top down camera roll shot of businesswoman creating presentation on laptop and taking notes while working at desk in office


Unrecognizable student taking notes, reading information online on laptop, studying at coworking space, tracking shot

Time lapse top down shot of businesswoman working on laptop, using smartphone and taking notes during workday at desk in office


Female nurse taking notes at consultation with african american patient in waiting room, doing checkup visit at hospital reception. Specialist taking notes and consulting young man. Tripod shot.

Many attentive college students looking ahead focused on a presentation. Many young people interested in a subject taking notes in the classroom.

Closeup african american black man hands taking notes on notepad using a pen. Male adult hands of remote worker writing text on white paper. Business student in home office handwriting documents

Young couple farmers checking their cantaloupe melons farm, woman and man check quality melon together and take notes on paper in the garden greenhouse, Agricultural fresh organic concepts

From-above close-up of female university student taking notes in copybook indoors

A young European man taking notes in the café by the window. Formal wear. Business life, successful lifestyle. Being a boss. Male portrait.

Woman writing and talking to man during employment interview at table in modern office spbi. Closeup view of young female professional reading resume and taking notes, sitting opposite male job seeker


Business student taking notes at online webinar class on laptop, doing remote work and distant education lesson. Working remotely on startup and learning modern freelance job at home.

Young attractive man in a suit takes notes, the phone rings, he answers it, nodes, and puts the cellphone away. Daily routine, busy days. Being a boss, career goals.

Female office worker taking notes

Woman taking notes in a notebook.

Company employee taking notes on marketing documents, doing research presentation with business charts. Sales assistant using data statistics on papers to plan financial development.

Low angle of cropped businessman wearing blue suit sitting at desk in office, taking notes with pen on document and using computer at daytime

A young woman sits on a bench and takes notes or writes a letter on a paper notebook. Closeup shot in urban environment.


Side view medium slowmo of focused Middle Eastern woman sitting by computer at workplace and taking notes in notebook

Young latino man studying from home taking notes - close up shot

Selective focus shot of young handsome male student of mixed-race ethnicity sitting at desk and taking notes during lecture in college

Slowmo closeup of unrecognizable woman taking notes in copybook while looking at presentation on her laptop, studying online from home


Time lapse top down camera roll shot of female freelancer sitting on carpet at home, working on laptop, taking notes and examining financial papers

High-angle of Middle Eastern young man sitting at home, making schedule, taking notes, using laptop computer in afternoon


Female dietician speaking with overweight male patient and taking notes during consultation in medical office

Time lapse top down shot of African American businessman typing on computer, cooperating with colleagues, using digital tablet, taking notes and then leaving office after busy workday

Portrait tilt up shot of young confident mixed race businessman taking notes in notebook and then looking at camera while working at desk in office

Timelapse of an efficient day at work. Office worker at his desk generating ideas and taking notes on a busy business day.

Cropped slowmo of Caucasian senior man sitting at wooden desk in library taking notes in notebook

Time lapse of young Asian businesswoman working on computer and taking notes at desk during day in office

Medium slowmo shot of young Caucasian pregnant businesswoman standing by whiteboard in office, explaining work plan to female colleague taking notes in planner

Waist up slowmo of young Caucasian woman wearing eyeglasses and headset taking notes in notebook while talking to client, sitting at office desk

Waist up slowmo of African American army officer in military uniform taking notes in copybook while planning army budget, working at desk from home

Young businessman multitasking answer phone call use laptop take notes

A business woman at her workplace takes notes on a paper notepad. Closeup footage from a high angle.

Portrait of clever child schooling at home. Closeup diligent pupil doing homework indoors. Smart student taking notes inside.

Focused female browse information at websites on laptop take notes

Selective focus on african american man working from home, taking notes on notepad while remote working on PC from living room. Black guy computer user using business internet online web communication

Selective focus on black american guy working from home, taking notes on notepad while remote working on computer from living room. Computer user using business internet online web communication job

Top down shot of professional businessman in formal suit and glasses speaking on mobile phone and taking notes in notepad while working at office desk


Making check list of things to pack for travel. Woman writing paper take note and packing suitcase to vacation writing paper list sitting on room, prepare clothes into luggage, Travel vacation travel

Dolly shot of a young woman taking notes while studying the Bible on a wooden desk or a table.

A female student takes notes on a paper notepad while sitting in a public park. Closeup footage, the camera pans from right to left to reveal copy space.

Female student taking notes from book

Zoom in shot of hands of unrecognizable businessman typing on laptop, taking notes on paper and using touchpad while working at office desk

Group of young multiethnic university students taking notes, sitting together and classroom during lecture, slow motion