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Rear follow shot of Young strong man running alone on the modern urban pathway, overheat heat stroke caution in the hot summer, self discipline stay fit and firm, burning calories for healthy body

Sweating. Man with wet armpit smelling bad

Young Man Using Spray Deodorant On Armpit Skin


Exhausted african american woman runner resting in park, leaning her knees, wiping her sweating forehead, empty space

Asian middle age man wiping sweat on his face and neck during exercise at the park, standing under trees and rest after exercising, body wellness tired exhausted, medical health condition, low angle

Young fit African American man sweating while catching breath after sprinting on the forest road. 4K UHD

Dehydrated Man Suffering From Heat Exhaustion


Black woman sweating on the basketball court after a workout

Young stressed asian blonde woman suffering outside among the hot weather in summer time and high temperature daylight hours in city, concept of Living and season changing, topical zone

Woman lying on sunbed in very hot place

dehydrated man stops working to cool off

Unhappy fatigued millennial girl feeling hot, cooling herself at home.

Fit Healthy Topless Male Man - Water Sweating Exercise


Black man doing toe dip touches

A man in a hot room is cooling with a fan

Portrait of african american man wearing hoodie sweating after exercise looking at camera in urban b

Tracking shot of a pleasant aged man jogging in the morning


Black man applying ice to right ankle

Overheated young african american lady suffering from high temperature indoors.

Young asian woman using towel on neck wiping sweat on face and neck during exercise at green park, take a break from training, woman drying sweat, tiredness and sport concept, active healthy lifestyle

Sweat Dripping Off Young Mans Face

Businessman sweaty on a hot day, drinking water.


Black man applying ice to his neck

Slow motion clip of a senior man exercising hard on strength training machine and sweating a lot

Young asian woman in sport clothing running inside the park, relaxing cardio exercise, listening to music while jogging alone, positive energy, diet nutrition calories burning, human metabolism system

Hard training before exhaustion

The woman is breathing through a mask and her glasses are sweating fog up


Black man happily walking through the park taking a sip of water

Sick person with symptoms of nausea and breathing problems.

Close-up side view of young perspiring sportswoman wiping face with white towel. Exhausted young Caucasian woman after training or workout in gym. Tiredness and sport concept.

Portrait of a bearded man letting out a huge sigh of relief


Black man doing left leg lunges

A nervous person sitting on a chair and expresses impatience

Rear view an overweight female body relax walking on concrete runway at sunny park, relaxing exercise, elderly health care, active retirement lifestyle and activity, pulse blood pressure tracking

Young man applies antiperspirant to his armpit


Black man sitting down taking a sip of water after his workout

Handheld shot of young black man panting after exercise

Group of runners jogging at night

Young people, health and wellness. Portrait of happy african american woman drinking mineral water from plastic bottle. Thirsty black girl with drink container in summer. Person and healthy lifestyle

A woman in her early 60s holds a fan in front of her face to cool off on a hot summer day in slow motion

Slow motion shot of sporty woman Drinking water and resting from exercise


Hispanic man wiping sweat off of forehead outside

Sick man with fever and shortness of breath in bed, close-up

Side view an obese grandmother resting after morning jogging inside sunny park, long distance walking, relaxing healthcare, weight controlling, severe disease prevention, physical movement limitation

Group of runners jogging at night

Young asian female running inside the park during sunset golden hour, healthy modern woman lifestyle, sport motivation self effort, weight loss work out routine, nutrition calories intake control

Young Caucasian woman sweating


Black man grabbing bag from grass