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Close-up of Mute Swan swimming

White swan displaying plumage. Graceful swan flapping wings over the water. Delightful bird flock spending time together. Concept of nature and beauty. Wildlife and fauna. Symbol of purity.

swan-familiy in winter on the lake

swan lake. white swan. romantic sunset. bridge landscape. pond. slow motion

Flock of swans swimming, put heads in water and looking for fish in river. Animals arrived closer to shore to fish. Concept of wildlife swans in parks

White swan ignoring woman

Beautiful white swan with coot in the lake, close-up

Swan tidying its feathers in the nest in the evening, sunset, close-up

Graceful bird rotating his thin neck and enjoying the beauty of the lake and nature. Portrait of elegant swan flapping his wings in the water. Concept elegance. Wildlife and fauna. Symbol of purity.

swan-familiy in winter on the lake

Swans on the Baltic Sea near Gdansk

Aerial view of a swan swimming on the lake

Beautiful black swan grazes on green grass

swan-familiy in winter on the lake

Swan looking for food in the river, steadycam shot, slow motion shot at 240fps

Tracking shot of an adult swan, Cygnus, swimming in calm river water by sunset.

Two Swans on Water

Swans on the Baltic Sea

Side view of swan swimming on pond. Camera view of white swan on lake. Closeup beautiful bird swimming on water at park. Camera turning around pond with white bird.

A beautiful swan on the local lake

swan-familiy in winter on the lake

Graceful white swan swims on the pond

single white beautiful swan swiming in lake, water reflection

White swan couple in lake with Hallstatt Village in background in Austria

Group of white swans floating in pond. Six swans feeding from pond. Beauty of wild life.

Lake and swan. Beautiful tranquil nature scene.

Green Lake And Swan


Aerial fly around Krylo Lebedya - Swan Wing. Crimea, Simeiz. Summer travel tourism concept

Swans swimming in river near snow covered riverbank. Birds couple. Reflections on water surface. White swans swimming on river. White swans on water. Swimming birds. Snow on bank of river.

White swan sitting on the water scratching his fluffy plumage. Graceful bird burying his red beak in his folded beautiful wings. Concept of nature and harmony. Wildlife and fauna. Symbol of purity.

Graceful white swan floats in a pond

A swan looks for fish during a dramatic evening Sunset

Beautiful swan floating on the river, steadycam shot, slow motion shot at 240fps

Man feeds swans and wild ducks from his hands near the lake in the wild, birds eat from hands, animals in wild life

White swans swimming on frozen lake. Birds on blue water near ice. Swans on winter lake. White swans in cold water. Swan couple. Swimming birds on winter river. Beautiful birds couple.

swan-familiy in winter on the lake

Swan diving in the river, steadycam shot, slow motion shot at 240fps

Beautiful calm cloudy lake in Hallstatt, Austria with small port and swans

Close up amazing beautiful black swan stands on green grass near lake shore on water surface background

Swans near the banks of the Danube river in Belgrade close-up.

White swan on green lake

Swans on water by the riverbanck during winter

Swans in the nature

Swans and nature conservation. Avki Graceful black and white swans pair swims on green mirror pond rippling water in public city park on nice summer day closeup

White swan eats from the man's hand near the lake in the wild, people feed birds, animals in wild life

A beautiful white swan on a pond dips head under water and looks for food - ducks in the background

Close up portrait of white swan walking on green grass.

White swans swimming in lake. Swan on blue water. White birds on river. Swans on pond, nature series. White swans on water. Swan couple. One swan goes bottoms up. Swimming birds