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White swan displaying plumage. Graceful swan flapping wings over the water. Delightful bird flock spending time together. Concept of nature and beauty. Wildlife and fauna. Symbol of purity.

A group of swans gracefully swim on a stunning turquoise lake. Breathtaking nature and majestic creatures.

Graceful Swan in Serene Meadow. Elegant swan grooming feathers in lush field near tranquil pond.

swan-familiy in winter on the lake

Flock of swans swimming, put heads in water and looking for fish in river. Animals arrived closer to shore to fish. Concept of wildlife swans in parks

White swan swim in the pond 4K

White Swan In Lake Water 1

Graceful bird rotating his thin neck and enjoying the beauty of the lake and nature. Portrait of elegant swan flapping his wings in the water. Concept elegance. Wildlife and fauna. Symbol of purity.

White swan ignoring woman

Swans gracefully glide on a stunning turquoise lake. Breathtaking nature.

Close-up of a white swan by day

White Swan In Lake Water 2


A pair of swans during the breeding season. The mother sits on the eggs and the father sits nearby to protect the female and eggs

Swans on the Baltic Sea near Gdansk

swan lake. white swan. romantic sunset. bridge landscape. pond. slow motion

Lake and Swan: Serene Nature Scene

Graceful white swan swims on the pond

Mute Swan swimming in a lake with reflection at gentle morning light.


Mute swan birds swimming in sea at beautiful evening light, close up.

White swans in river

Graceful Swan and Coot in Close-Up at the Lake

Swans winter at sea. Gulls and albatrosses float on water. Bright sunset and golden path rays on the sea surface. Sandy beach. Large commercial cargo ship on the horizon. Seaport of the city. Gopro

A swan floats gracefully out of scene as it glides along a glassy lake.

swan-familiy in winter on the lake

A graceful swan on a pond searches for food - ducks in the background


A group of white geese graze on a riverbank in the countryside. Life poultry.

Tracking shot of an adult swan, Cygnus, swimming in calm river water by sunset.


Swans grazing in a field in Idaho during winter.

White swan on green lake


Dark hair women posing with inflatable swan ring, dancing, flirting, kissing in swimsuit at swimming pool with clear blue water at luxury

A swan looks for fish during a dramatic evening Sunset

Aerial view of a swan swimming on the lake

Swans on the Baltic Sea near Gdansk

Graceful Swan Enjoying Nature's Harmony

Swans, geese and seagulls in a pond in Hyde Park in London on a sunny day. 4k slow motion video.

Close-up of a young dancer performing on stage. Ballet silhouette in pointe shoes.

Two swans are swimming in a lake park

Green Lake And Swan

Lake with swans eating cabbage

A family of white swans swims along the autumn lake

Extreme Telephoto: Swans swim in the calm waters of Irondequoit Bay during fall

A swan rubs its feathers with its bill in the center of a body of water

White mute swan in the nest in the evening, sunset, tidying, nature

Swans on the Baltic Sea

Close up portrait of white swan walking on green grass.

Happy adult couple hugging in front of lake with swans. Loving Caucasian man and asian woman spending cloudy spring or autumn day outdoors feeding birds. Love, leisure, dating.

Graceful footage of two elegant swans swimming in a park pond under the sun. Near a log, nibbling leaves.

Swan Swans Goose Geese Duck Bird in Bandung West Java Indonesia