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CU: Caring mother helps child get ready for school, tidying his outfit

Model enjoying autumn nature in abandoned field. Blonde girl at windy weather meadow. Tourism concept.

Close-up. A beautiful young woman looks into the distance and straightens her long hair with her hand. The woman then looks at the camera.

Profile of young woman in sunlight. Warm sun rays fall on hair of woman in park


girl looks in mirror before going out, touches and straightens hair. Lady smiles, turns around, admires reflection in mirror. Confident

Smiling woman straightens hair in park portrait. Latin woman in nature background. Brunette model poses alone. Beautiful girl relaxes outdoors.

Close-up of gentleman adjusting suit jacket. Action. Attractive man adjusts tuxedo before celebration. Gentleman straightens jacket and

A young farmer adjusts his cap, smiling and looking at the camera, leaning on a small

Portrait of a young woman admiring herself in the mirror

Girl admiring sunset at seashore, zooming in. Woman enjoying sunset at castle, closeup. Model fixing hair at ocean cliff landscape.

Woman sitting on the bathtub in the bathroom

The girl turned her back to the camera turns straightens her hair and starts dancing.

A girl styling her hair with elegance and grace. Beautiful with long, curly locks.


The guy sits on a chair with his feet on the table and dreams. The guy grimaces, leans back on his chair and straightens the hair on his head with his hands, sitting indoors in the house.

Young man buttoning his jacket outdoors

side view elegant girl straightens long curly hair with hands at panoramic french window in dark room against sunset

a woman straightens her bed in the evening, shot through an open window

The chef straightens the plate. Caramel cheesecake on a retro plate. Use a gold fork and knife. Macro

Rear view of a girl with short green hair in a green shirt straightens the hair of her girlfriend with yellow hair in a plaid shirt. Lesbian

Belarus, Minsk - July 25, 2023: Handsome young bearded man sits on his motorcycle and straightens hair with hand

A stylish young person in dark attire and sunglasses poses on a city street at sunset, adjusting their hair. Slow motion.

Portrait of a young man in the forest, confidently adjusting his hair

Girl straightens her hair and sitting in a field

A man straightens his blond-dyed hair with his hand, close-up

close-up of a man straightens his tie

girl looks in mirror before going out, touches and straightens hair. Lady smiles, turns around, admires reflection in mirror. Confident female, good self-esteem loves her appearance and figure.

Rear view of a brunette guy with long hair with a torso holds a surfboard in his hands and straightens his hair that is swaying in the wind

Elegant woman admires herself in salon mirror, styling her hair

Blonde girl straightens hair with gadget on bench, listening to headphones (4k wide angle)

Myanmar, Yangon. 18/11/2013. Local macho. Man looking in the mirror preens. Man straightens hairstyle.

smiling woman in the rays of the setting sun

Woman makes the bed, maid straightens the blanket, to make the bed, fresh sheets, bed linen, clean room

Portrait of a young person with blond hair, in a light jacket, sitting on a bench next to a bike. Person adjusts their hair in pleasant weather outdoors.

A seamstress straightens a floral fabric on a surface in an atelier

Brunette girl's hair in the wind at sunset

close-up of a man straightens his tie

Businessman by the sea, putting on his jacket

A positive African American woman with thick black wavy hair looks into the frame and straightens her Afra hairstyle. A mixed race woman smiles sweetly into the frame. black woman model.

Woman on Motorcycle: Helmet Off, Hair Styled. Hobby, Travel, Active Lifestyle. Motorbike Leisure & Travel.

Man straightens jeans trousers on a leg - sitting in the park

girl walks through field, straightens hair slow mo

Red haired woman enjoys sunset straightens her curls with hand, looks into distance admires nature field of wheat and wind turbines is dressed in yellow raincoat. Freedom. Relax. Go Everywhere

CU: Caring mother prepares child for school, tidies their outfit.


Tender man straightens woman hair at home closeup. Cute lady in apron laughing to husband at kitchen. Enamoured lovers embracing at morning.

Positive senior woman in bathrobe straightens hair hairstyle rubbing massaging face looking at mirror at home. Morning routine, face

Woman straightens wet hair after shower in light bathroom. Pretty woman stands near mirror looking at hair after using caring cosmetics slow

Man Adjusting Bow Tie: Stylish Confidence and Success

Young Arabic Man Poses and Smiles Outdoors