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A group of preschool children in formal clothes sitting near a music record player inspecting it and listening to music in a club to prepare

Raw sugar beets with green leaves on organic field. Harvest time. Nature organic bio food

Children, at the command of a teacher, women in a white shirt, put garbage into the right boxes separately, plastic, and paper in their club

a blonde girl with a bob hairstyle teaches preschool children how to properly fold plastic bottles and sort garbage by type of material in a

Woman collects rubbish to trash bag in forest, conservationist cleans natural landscape of trash. Activist eco-friendly waste management


Biodiversity Conservation inscription. Graphic presentation with a green tree on background of falling leaves. Environment concept

Citizens engaged in environmental stewardship tree planting

KHARKIV, UKRAINE - NOVEMBER 9, 2017: Sugar beet harvester in progress on farm field. Agricultural machine

a man in a purple T-shirt is better than children how to properly dispose of garbage in a club to prepare children for school. The man


Ecosystem Preservation inscription on smartphone screen. Graphic presentation with green nature and rain drops background. Environment

Woman in gloves collects garbage in park, fights littering. Active eco conscious person cleans environment, holds waste bag. Forest

KHARKIV, UKRAINE - NOVEMBER 9, 2017: Field farm wirh sugar beets in soil, cultivated crop in field. Agricultural vehicle. Combine harvest

Woman gathers plastic bottles in woodland, contributing to nature conservation. Volunteer cleans up forest, waste reduction. Female helps

KHARKIV, UKRAINE - NOVEMBER 9, 2017: Agricultural machine harvester for harvesting sugar beet in field


Environmental Education inscription on smartphone screen. Graphic presentation with happy wildlife animals eating on field, drawn images

Close-up shooting of preschool children sitting on the floor and drawing on multi-colored paper using pencils in a club for preparing

Ripe sugar beet on agricultural rural field. Fresh farm produce and time to harvest. Nature organic food

Unrecognizable farmer's hand check beets for ripe. Sugar beetroot with leaf. Fresh farm produce and time to harvest concept


Young brunette woman collecting litter in waste bag from lawn, conservationist volunteer cleaning up park.

children in a school preparation club lay out different types of garbage in the right box for plastic for and for paper together with their

portrait of happy children together with their teacher near special boxes for sorting garbage in the clubhouse for preparing children for

Sugar beet root plant with green leaves on organic farm's field. Grown for sugar production

Woman collects plastic trash on rocky shore. Volunteers in coastal cleanup mission to tackle marine rubbish. Effort to restore natural beach

little girl and man holding a watering can together


Wildlife protection inscription on smartphone screen. Recycle sign on a green friendly plastic cup image on grey background. Environment

An albino boy with white hair in round examines and touches a record player with his friends in a club for preparing children for school

A group of preschool children sit in a circle and look at the record player and listen to music. Interested children look at a record player


Sustainable living inscription on smartphone screen. Graphic presentation with wildlife animals drawn images. Environment concept


Eco-active woman cleanup in park closeup. Serious girl volunteer with bag collecting trash demonstrate commitment to environmental action.


Volunteer cleaning garbage in park holding bag. Conservationist woman collecting plastic trash in green garden worried nature pollution.


Focused woman cleanup pollution in park with plastic bag closeup. Female volunteer collecting waste show commitment to nature conservation.


Volunteer woman taking litter in green park concentrating at environmental cleanup. Eco-friendly girl cleaning for nature preservation


Sustainable Energy inscription on smartphone screen with black background. Graphic presentation with natural gas production plant symbol


Sustainable Energy inscription on abstract fire flames background. Graphic presentation of oil and gas rig platform symbol. Oil and Gas


Sustainable Energy Loading inscription on black background with old film effect. Graphic presentation with petroleum barrel symbol. Oil and


Cultivating Sapling with Tender Love and Care. Person fosters a pine seedling, embodying environmental stewardship.


Biodiversity conservation inscription on smartphone screen. Drawn image of Planet Earth hugged by two people. Environment concept. Male hand