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Slowmo tracking shot with close up of bright sun shining through branches of tree with green leaves

flying trough spring trees. sunset summertime. spring trees background

Springtime Birds Migration Northern Parula Warbler 4K

Beautiful sunrise or sunset at a picturesque organic lavender farm. Sun rays caress the lavender blossoms. Rows of fragrant plants. Top

Spring flowers on tree at dusk - zoom in

Stems of cherry blossoms in contrast to blue sky

Butterflies flying over pink garden flowers

tracking shot through white cherry blossoms in orchard

Nature's Morning Glow: Serene Forest with Sunlit Trees


A field of chamomile blooms under a cloudy sky. In this natural setting, the white petals contrast with lush greenery.

Green meadow of white dandelions. Spring forest meadow flowers landscape.

A bee flits from blossom to blossom of cherry tree

Spring Meadow: Stunning White Daffodils Blossoming

Timelapse with nature background. Sun shines through the blowing on wind tree green leaves and clouds on blue sky

Mustard flowers. Mustard – mystical flower of happiness and health.

Scenic Tenerife: Green Mountains, Blue Ocean, and Rocky Beach

girl runs arms outstretched through a field slowmo

Field Of Flowers Frame Alpine Lake

Blooming flowers of vibrant colors

Sunny young green spring leaves of birch tree, natural seasonal background with space.

Pink flowers on bright green summer field

green clover field green lucky background


Vivid Yellow Flowers Blooming on a Field in Springtime

Time-lapse of opening colorful crocuses in a field 7a1

slow motion orange and white butterfly collecting nectar from a flower

Reeds And Lake In Nature 4

Aerial View: Beautiful Italian Village with Houses and Green Surroundings

Flowering apricot at sunset

Blooming apricot tree branch. Spring blossom background. Beautiful nature scene with blooming tree. Inspirational spring flowers and blooming tree blossom.

Large blossom branches of almond tree against a blue sky as seen from below. Lavishly blossoming flowers early in the spring mark the start

White moth flying next to blue lavender

Blowing on a Dandelion

Close-up wildlife of a ladybug in the green grass in the forest

The apple orchard is a farm with organic farming. Blooming spring garden.

Waterfall And Pink Flowers 2

Cherry Blossom Petals Falling in Slow Motion with Small Flower

Blooming apple orchard, trees planted in even rows. New spring season at the apple farm.

Vivid tulips shaking by fresh breeze. Dew drops on the flower garden.

Aerial view of stream and valley in Caucasus mountains, 4k

Purple Tulips Blooming in a Beautiful Park at Sunset

Mountain Flowers bloom in Summer Sunny Day, Tatry Poland

Forest of pink sakura blossoms

WS AERIAL TU Beech forest in spring, Kollig, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

pink lotus flower in garden macro

Close up green grass view under strong wind. Summer nature abstract. No people around, outside shooting. Landscape portrait. Close up view.

Sliding shot over a large field of blooming Dutch tulips in white and pink.

Waterfall In Wild Nature 22

Focused sunflower in the field. Yellow flower with seeds waving on wind.