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Doctor putting oxygen mask on face of female patient lying in bed in intensive care room, slow motion shot on Sony NEX 700 + Odyssey 7Q

Beautiful city sunset nightpark in mongolia. Aerial drone shot zoom in

Slow motion shot of following a disabled man with artificial leg. Active handicapped hiker with trekking poles overcoming rocky path along the mountain river

Middle shot of sad tired man with backache warming up sitting at table with laptop. Upset exhausted Caucasian employee or CEO overworking from home on lockdown. Sedentary lifestyle problems.

Steadicam shot of mountain biking couple riding on bike trail at sunset doing high

Tilt up shot of red truck with street food standing outdoors on sunny day

Businessman holding book and reading it, steadycam shot

Tracking selective focus shot of set of lipsticks of various shades of red color on make-up table

Barcelona, Spain September 2018. Shot from the below of working cranes over Sagrada Familia. Basilica designed in different styles by Antoni Gaudi.

Panning knee-up shot of confident African American business coach having corporate motivational training session for group of company employees, using darts and target poster for demonstration

Atmospheric shot of little 4-6 year old thoughful Caucasian boy looking out of foggy car window in dusk dark evening.

Aerial drone shot of The Great Geysir a geyser in southwestern Iceland. Vertical view from low to high altitude. Beautiful crystal blue pattern.

Handheld shot of a stone craftsman marking a cancagua stone with a right angle, in the city of Ancud, Chiloe Island.

Multi-cultural group of women sitting on sofa at home admiring friends engagement ring - shot in slow motion

PAN medium shot with slowmo of young pretty women lying on comfy bed together wearing stylish golden sheet masks on face looking at smartphone and chatting

Unhappy girl looking around while waiting for someone, steadycam shot

Tilt up shot with close up of attractive young woman smiling and smelling her hand after putting on cream at cosmetic store

Tracking shot of cheerful senior woman in eyeglasses looking at camera with female eye care specialist in clinic

Handheld PAN shot of serene woman with short curly hair drinking hot coffee in morning and daydreaming

Slowmo shot of young Mixed-race woman picking fresh forest berries while her boyfriend trying to catch gps signal on smartphone in background during hike on camping trip on summer

Aerial Drone Shot, People Kayaking in Crystal Springs, Florida

Close up selective focus shot of hand of unrecognizable musician plucking strings while playing contrabass


Teenage son with multi-racial parents sitting around table in kitchen at home eating healthy family meal together -making cheers with glasses of water - shot in slow motion

Portrait of three fit Caucasian retro sportswomen bending warming up in sunlight outdoors on green meadow. Wide shot confident positive slim women exercising in 1990s on sunny day. Slow motion.

Slow motion shot of a young pregnant Asian woman walking on the beach.

Tilt up shot of Asian female college student with pink hair taking notes in notepad and then looking at camera and smiling while sitting outdoors in park

Medium shot portrait of excited girl tossing snow spinning in slow motion smiling looking at camera showing thumbs up. Portrait of happy joyful African American teen enjoying leisure on winter resort.

Slow motion shot of a handicapped man with artificial leg hiking in the mountains enjoying the nature and living a full life

Medium shot senior man cutting wooden stick with knife admiring result. Fire burning at background in winter forest in slow motion.

Establishing Shot Of A Game Of Chess 1

Slow motion shot of a young happy couple having romantic date on the yacht. Man and woman dancing with drinks

Drone Shot of Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus Ohio

Medium shot of young nurse and her African-American male colleague providing medical assistance to seniors at nursing home, measuring their temperature and giving them medicines

Tracking shot Caucasian man and German Shepherd walking on sunny day outdoors with professional cynologist spinning stepping fast. Dog follows movement of expert trainer. Obedience training.

Aerial: coastal city with old ruins. Historical building have red roofs. Drone Shot of old town Budva in Montenegro.

The Scientific Field of Geology and Earth Science Dolly Shot

No people stab shot with changing focus of modern office interior in black and white colors with pc and laptop with smartphone on desks

Pan shot of Lake Como from above Bellagio, Lake Como, Lombardy, Italian Lakes, Italy, Europe

Full shot of young hackers talking while sitting at their computers in a dim basement

Multi generation family in santa hats enjoying eating Christmas meal at home together - shot in slow motion

Cinematic shot of happy attractive young 25-30 mixed race business woman listening to friends speaking at modern cafe.

Panning Shot of Stone Archways in Ruins 2

Zoom shot of old stone temple on the top of the rock. Grand mountains in the background.

Wide shot knocked down woman lying on roadside with man walking out the car checking corpse pulse. Drunken male driver and dead corpse outdoors. Danger of drunk driving.

Confident intelligent handsome old man in wheelchair reading closing book thinking sitting behind glass door at home. Wide shot portrait of smart thoughtful Caucasian retiree indoors. Slow motion.

PAN shot with slowmo of cheerful young black woman with cup of coffee sitting at desk in office and gossiping with someone on mobile phone

Medium shot of queer latin man sewing

Medium shot of two creative African-American office workers having conversation while arranging weekly plan using stickers with tasks, attaching them on wall of their office room