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Scientist doing an research work with a petri dish sample, wearing lab gloves.

Microbiology laboratory work with tests

Free Samples In Logistics Center

chemist is researching and checking safety of industrial colorant for cosmetic or food industry, examining of chemical reaction of reagents in test tube


Close-up shot of IVF procedure. Samples in biological laboratory. Embryologist in protective gloves holding plastic test tube

Four designers discussing layouts and color samples at office desk

Medium shot of team of Asian architects choosing material samples for housing project, working together at modern office

Two chemist looking samples innovation medicines in advanced laboratory close up. Couple scientists taking test tubes making research.

two medical experts are doing tests in laboratory of medical clinic, researching samples by microscope and test tubes with reagents


Experienced professionals are examining fabric samples to create clothing designs

lab tech pouring liquid in test tube

Close up of blood samples in vacutainers on medical tray in science laboratory. Transparent tubes with red dna liquid for genetic testing. Glassware flasks of coloured bio solution

Two biologist in biohazard suits and masks sampling water from a stream or river pipetting a sample into a test tube for chemical analysis of pollutants

lab tech with sample of Coronavirus virus


Creating garment templates with detail is essential in Pattern Making for Fashion Design

Close up shot of some petri dishes in a refrigerator

Scientist Uses Pipette To Transfer Samples

Asian nurse check samples of blood tests or histology biological cells in medical storage cabinet. Male doctor uses tablet computer. Medical

Asian nurse check samples of blood tests or histology biological cells in medical storage cabinet. Male doctor uses tablet computer. Medical

Focused Female Scientist Analyzing Medical Samples with Microscope

Slow-motion close-up of male scientist conducting microbiology experiment of comparing artificial cultured meat samples in petri dishes with pink gel substance

scientist during 1918 influenza pandemic searches for a cure


Professionals selecting color samples, discussing, collaborating in office

Medium shot of astronaut collecting samples on Moon surface

Doctor using a coronavirus antibody test kit focus on blood plasma

Sequence of shots of male biomedical scineitst in goggles, face mask and gloves putting droplet of blood into Covid-19 testing kit, then studying sample in test tube

two chemists are testing samples of water during ecological and chemical expertise in laboratory of scientific institute

Fashion atelier concept. Group of diverse fashion designers creating clothes at workshop

Farmer offering apple samples at food market. Diverse people enjoying organic produce tasting. Handheld shot.

Slow-motion shot of two women shopping for beauty products in cosmetics store, trying face cream samples, applying it on hands and smelling

Tailor cuts sewing pattern with scissors in sewing factory

lab tech looking at a blood sample under the microscope 4k

A scientist working in a laboratory, she puts some vials in the centrifuge

Men in goggles and masks examining tubes with samples while researching vaccine in laboratory together

labratory tech looks at a test tube of blood with coronavirus

Medium shot of female Asian medical scientist in protective suit, goggles, mask and gloves using microscope and looking at sample in laboratory

Side tilt shot of atelier colleagues choosing colour for new garment using samples of fabrics and consulting fashion designer who drawing sketches in tailoring atelier

People with disabilities sew specialized clothing

Microbiology laboratory work with tests

In the medical center in the laboratory, the robot automatically analyzes the detection of cancer cells in patient samples. Prevention and diagnosis of women's cancer

A lab assistant at the chemistry desk is using a variety of tools to check the quality of water before it goes on sale

People with disabilities sew specialized clothing

Young people shopping in digital equipment store, choosing smartphone

Close-up of diverse multi ethnic hands selecting colors for interior design from samples palette in office. Creative team of architects choosing colors for building renovation and discussing project.

Medium slow-motion portrait of middle eastern microbiologist comparing samples of lab-grown and regular meat in petri dishes, then looking at camera

Low angle shot of chemist analyzing tubes with samples then looking in microscope. Adult male in his 60s

Ecologist taking ground samples in infected zone

Push In From Testubes And Microscope To Display Of Coronavirus Virus