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Upset man closing face with hands in sound recording studio. Disappointed sound producer working indoor. Frustrated male musician turning on chair in music studio.

Sad guy with guitar under the tree sitting on the grass. Creative crisis or emotional experiences

Tired woman hipster in headphones is riding tram. Sitting leaning head on window, looking out of it, listening music. Evening traffic. Slow motion

Sad girl having problems and listening music on headphones in the alley

Little girl practice piano. Child tired of learning music. Boring and tiresome music lesson at home. Wearisome homework


Close-up side view of depressed African American woman listening sad music in headphones. Desperate frustrated lonely lady indoors at home. Depression and loneliness concept.

Pensive charming mixed race female in pajamas deep in thoughts wrapped in warm blanket sitting on cozy bed, listening to music with earphones, looking with sad thoughtful expression in bedroom.

Stylish sad woman hipster in headphones is listening to music. Riding tram, using cellphone, standing and holding onto the handrail. Slow motion

Girl listening music on headphones and crying because of hopelessness, steadycam

woman is relaxing at home at evening, plucking strings of acoustic guitar, feeling sad emotion and melancholy

Sad female musician playing a violin among the tree branches at sunset

Worried man leaning on the wall and listening music, steadycam shot

Melancholic woman listening music next to the window

Sad girl listening music and smoking cigarette on the stairs

Young blond woman with sad look listening to music in headphones at subway station, trains passing by

Unhappy girl holding violing and sitting on the field

sad woman is playing acoustic guitar sitting in front of notebook with green screen, online concert or streaming of home gig

Handsome man looks worried while listening music, steadycam shot

Beautiful woman looks sad while listening music in the outdoor cafe, steadycam s

Sad alcoholic musician sitting on urban embankment and drinking wine from bottle in paper bag. Wide shot portrait of upset Caucasian lonely man spending summer day alone with alcohol.

Sad woman listening music by the swimming pool

Portrait of serious girl in headphones. She using smartphone to listen music. Attractive woman seating near the window in city tram during her daily commute and listening music.

Upset man pianist pressing piano keys in dark concert hall. Disappointed guy waving hand in music studio. Sad male musician putting hand on keyboard indoor.

pensive teenage girl is playing guitar lying on sofa in living room and feeling sad, making music, sadness and loneliness

Lonely girl looking very sad while listening music next to the water

Portrait of poor musician playing guitar in underground crossing at river bank. Sad bearded Caucasian man performing on stringed musical instrument outdoors.

Sad man standing on the bridge with headphones

young sad woman is playing guitar at home, viewing notes on screen of laptop, learning to play, composing music

Guy In Medical Mask. Sad Look. Young Guy Playing Guitar. Guy In His Apartment.


Helpless man with chronic anxiety depression putting on headset listening sad music feeling alone with emotional problems disappointed depressed vulnerable having suicide thoughts chronic disease

Sad girl sitting on terrace and listening music on headphones, steadycam shot

Pretty teenager in pyjamas lying on the bed and listening melancholic music

A young frustrated college female student sitting at the table at home, using headphones and laptop when studying.

Guy In Medical Mask. Sad Look. Young Guy Playing Guitar.

Girl crying out while having problems and listening music on headphones

Young sad woman sitting at the underground station with arriving train and listening to music in headphones

Morose girl holding violin while standing in the grain fieldfg

Pretty girl listening music while leaning on the brick wall and looks sad, stead

Absorbed guitarist standing against grey wall in underground crossing and playing guitar. Portrait of Caucasian musician performing outdoors. Art and begging concept.

Very sad girl listening music by the river and looking to the camera

Sad teenager girl in headphones holding in hands cardboard tablet with inscription need help. Unhappy girl in music earphones showing lettering need help

Worried girl sitting on sunbed and listening music

Back view portrait of thoughtful young bearded man sitting on bench with guitar and looking away. Upset Caucasian musician resting on city embankment on summer day.

young woman is playing sad love song on guitar, sitting in living room at evening, romantic mood, music and hobby

Girl looks very sad while listening music on headphones by the window

The girl plays the guitar on the couch. A woman alone creates sad music in a white living room. The artist plays the acoustic guitar. The musician composes a melody.

Sad girl lying on the guitar and looking to the camera, steadycam shot

A portrait of sad young girl or woman with earphones in a gym. Slow motion.