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Ravens flying and perching a torture pillar with apocalyptic sun on background

Destroying Old House With Bulldozer Mechanical Arm 32

Abandoned Things On Floor With A Bug

Sky in Between Two Wall Ruins

Remains of old building after the war.

Hoary ruins of ancient city in pine forest

Flying through abandoned warehouse at daytime. Drone aerial shot in destroyed old factory. Dirty and broken industrial building fly through. Bright day with large windows in large concrete structure.

old greek temple ruins at sunset

Aerial view above of a abandoned building, Cambodia.

The Ruins of ancient buildings in green bamboo forest

Sunlight shining throuh the old window

Athens Greece Parthenon temple on Athenian Acropolis

Stone Ruins, Rock Walls, and Greenery 2

Ancient Roman Forum - Rome Italy Sunset

Stone ruins in a forest, abandoned ancient castle

Old Dirty Broken Glass Window on Old Dirty Wall / Window / Damaged Building


View of ruins of an ancient Roman city.

Aerial view of a abandoned housing complex on an urban area, Cambodia.

Aerial view of Fortress Castle at SUnrise in historic city of Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine.

interior of the abandoned soviet building


Timelapse view of the Temple of Kukulkan, pyramid in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

Siem Reap, Cambodia. Ruins of Angkor Wat temple. Old buildings and historical site protect by unesco amazing tourist destination.


Aerial Drone Shot of the East terrace of Nemrut Dagi, Mount Nemrut, with the famous tomb sanctuary of King Antiochus I of Commagene flanked by huge statues of himself and Greek, Armenian and Median

Stone Ruins, Rock Walls, Archways


Aerial view of dead village on the top of mountain. Ancient buildings, stone ruins of ancient city. Amazing unique abandoned village. Stone houses of the abandoned village Dagestan


aerial view of abandoned old factory

4 Panama Viejo Ruins Of Old City

GREECE, ATHENS, JUNE 7, 2013: People near Parthenon - ancient temple in Athenian Acropolis, Greece, June 7, 2013

girl in military uniform, heated by the fire in the destroyed building

Aerial view above of a abandoned housing complex full of trash, Cambodia.

Ancient Roman time town in desert and Milky Way stars

Hoary ruins of ancient city in pine forest

Slow motion footage of a person removing soil with a broom from a possible stone construction of previous civilisations

A destroyed hotel room with crumbling walls, brick, and floors from a major earthquake - dolly shot


Top view of ruins of an ancient town.

Very old abandoned rusting mill or factory suggests the end of America as an industrial power.

Remains of a destroyed house. Destroyed house room ruins.

Ramshackle and abandoned house in the village.

Temple Of Artemis At Sardes Lydia Ancient Historical City In Salihli Manisa Turkey 4

Remains of a destroyed house. Destroyed house room ruins.

Passing through scary passage in abandoned terror filled ruin. Walking inside dark and dirty doorway into unknown darkness, to certain death and doom.

Beautiful landscape out of wide window of an abandoned hotel. View from the window of destroyed hotel in Nea Skioni village, Kassandra peninsula, Chalkidiki

A creepy abandoned building with a crumbling staircase from a major earthquake and unknown shadows

Ramshackle and abandoned house in the village.

Landscape of ancient building from bird view

Marrakech panoramic top view of old medina streets. Old Building ruins and red walls of old town on sunset

Mayan Temple Of The Descending Gods Ruin Tracking Shot

Footage of several archeologists digging and removing the soil from a possible discovery of previous civilizations