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AERIAL: Magical golden sunset over wide fast current river with rocky bottom

Waterfall. Eastern Europe. Close-up.

waterfall river springtime

AERIAL, CLOSE UP: Amazing emerald maintain river running between big rocks

river forest green nature

River stream landscape. Beauty nature view. Wild river with fast stream. River water flowing. Green tree near water. Summer nature background

Downtown District At Balneario Camboriu Santa Catarina Brazil. Seascape Bay Water. Paradisiac Skyline Beach Scene Beautiful. Paradisiac Sea Beach Scene Waterside Shore.

Mountain river in Norway

River. Eastern Europe. Close-up.

Slow-mo: Man's hand reaches into water at edge of river to pick up throwing rock

Captivating Aerial Drone Footage Showcasing the Enchanting Beauty of the Historic City of Prague. Drone Shooting of the Old City.

Scenic Riverside Landscape: Summer Beauty with River, Trees, and Greenery

Tiririca Beach At Itacare In Bahia Brazil. Tourism Landscape. Nature Background. Travel Scenery. Vacations Destinations. Seaside Scene. Tiririca Beach At Itacare In Bahia Brazil.

Amazon Rainforest At Manaus Amazonas Brazil. Forest Landscape Rural Scene. Wildlife Nature Hydrographic Bay Beautiful. Wildlife Green Hydrographic Bay Green Background Forest.

Serene River with Sunlit Stones

Aerial View: Waves on the Surface of a Fast River

Female hand in water stream

Rafting. Amazing Carpathian River. Ukraine, Eastern Europe. Aerial View.

AERIAL, CLOSE UP: Rocky riverbank and water surface reflecting golden sky

Aracaju Sergipe. Aracaju Brazil. Cityscape Fausto Cardoso Square and Government building and Cathedral Church at Aracaju capital city of Sergipe at Brazil. Travel destinations. Brazil Northeast.

AERIAL: Scenic river flowing through charming suburban area

Sunny River With Slow Motion Water Splashing Over Rocks

Serene Riverside Waterfall: A Beautiful Display of Nature

Water Passing Over Rocky Beach Slow Motion

Cable Bridge At Night City In Sao Paulo Brazil. Cityscape Bridge. Traffic Road. Sao Paulo Brazil. City Skyline Landscape. Cable Bridge At Night City In Sao Paulo Brazil.

Strong River. Eastern Europe. Close-up.

Dirt beaches along swamp water stream 4k

Exploring Scenic Islands on the Dnieper River

AERIAL: Fast green river and whitewater rapids running in rocky riverbed

Aracaju Brazil. Famous Sunset Edge at Aracaju Brazil. Sergipe state at Northeast. Vacation destination. Tropical destination. Vacation Travel. Aracaju Sergipe. Aracaju Brazil.

Patagonia Argentina At El Calafate Santa Cruz Argentina. Dunes Lakes Lakes. Nature Romantic Patagonia Argentina Forest Trees. Nature Outdoor Patagonia Argentina Patagonia Stunning.

Aerial view of Millennium Dome on Thames riverside. Iconic concert Hall of O2 Arena in North Greenwich Peninsula. London, UK

Sky reflection in calm swamp waters of Florida 4k

Manaus Brazil. Taruma River at Amazon Forest affluent of giant Black River at Amazonian Biome. Natural wildlife landscape. Global warming logging deforestation. Amazon rainforest wildlife.

Scenic Lagoon At Sault Pond In Rio Grande Do Norte Brazil. Riverside Landscape. Rural Background. Pond Nature. Scenic Lagoon At Sault Pond Rio Grande Do Norte Brazil.


Aerial top view of river in Yakutia, Russia

Close up view of waves, strong water flow. Pure nature, relaxation, harmony and balance. Saving nature concept

Scenic Waterfall, Cassia Dos Coqueiros Sao Paulo Brazil.

Kyiv, Ukraine. Obolon district. Aerial view

House lights reflect and dance in flood waters, the river threatens water damage

Serenity of a Majestic Waterfall

Willow branches hang on the background of the water. Glare from the water.

River flow, time lapse


Aerial top down view of red motorboat on turquoise river leaving a foamy trail.

waterfall river green nature

Under water shot of Brown trout swimming around a natural stream. The light catches them to show why they are called Brown trout.


Victoria Falls At Livingstone In Northern Rhodesia Zambia. Giant Waterfalls. Nature Landscape. Livingstone At Northern Rhodesia Zambia. Zambezi River. Travel Scenery.


Victoria Falls At Livingstone In Northern Rhodesia Zambia. Giant Waterfalls. Nature Landscape. Livingstone At Northern Rhodesia Zambia. Zambezi River. Travel Scenery.