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Autumn Rice Is Ripe And Blowing In The Wind

Fresh Figs with Dew Drops Close-up Rotates on Black Background.

Papaya tree and bunch of fruits. Green papaya fruit on the tree. 4K video, Philippines.

Ripe oranges on a branch


Ripe Delicious Healthy Vegan Berry Fruit Nutrition Dessert

Branch with pears. Green leaves moving in wind. Fruit tree in the garden. Good ecology and mild weather.

Tracking shot of variety of ripe fruit and berries in plastic food containers on shelf in supermarket or market

man holding an eggplant aubergine, close-up

Bananas. A bunch of bananas rotates, an interesting foreshortening, an advertising shot.


Colorful organic tomatoes. Mix tomatoes background, Several varieties of sliced tomatoes top view. Different colorful tomatoes, heirloom

Harvest fresh ripe tomatoes on branch on green foliage background in garden. Organic farming field. Food vegetables, agriculture concept

Green nature background raw mango fruit is hanging on tree branch with lush leaves. Leaf texture. Closeup cinematic footage.

Cut slice plum on wooden table. Ice cubes and ripe fruit with water drops on brown surface. Black background

A woman slicing pears in the kitchen

Closeup shot of pile of fresh purple plums in water drops composed napkin on wooden table


Close Up view of woman Cutting Melon In Half

Multiple water drops hit red ripe tomato with green leaves super slow motion

Close-up of a housewife peeling ripe apples

Closeup of unrecognizable nursery worker hands in gloves packing organic strawberry fruits grown in greenhouse into carton containers for retail

Woman at kitchen cutting thin slices of raw potato by knife. Dishes with vegetables. Concept of cooking and healthy eating

Slow-motion shot of nursery worker picking ripe strawberries in greenhouse

Young woman picking fresh plums from a tree, close-up shot, slow motion


A beautiful girl in a straw hat, goes and looks at the plantation, on a sunny day. Concept: bio pr


Beautiful delicious red, green juicy sliced watermelon, on the table, colorful. Concept: ripe fruit and berries, natural product, fresh products, big berry, side view, ecological pure, black seeds.

macro point of view, oil that falls from a small bottle. The dietary oil and bio used to flavor foods falls in slow motion. concept of dieting, food, tradition, Italy.

Aerial view of farm machine harvesting ripe crops in the golden field in gathering season. Agricultural landscape


Cocoa cob on tree, close up view of yellow organic fruit pods growing at a plantation.

Falling Black Pepper In Slow Motion


Close-up of a hand holding a cocoa plant fruit in hand. The fruit contains cocoa beans which are then dried in the sun. Concept of: desserts, tradition and food.


super macro slide shot of pears on a wooden bench, in slow motion. Concept: food, fruit, nature

Person Eating Papaya Fruit


Set of different fruits and vegetables isolated on blue background

Aerial view of combine harvester working in golden wheat field, 4k


Red peppers on cutting board and knife isolated on white background. 4K

Macro shot of a dried whole chili and chopped. The chili has antioxidant capacity and prevents the healing of tumors.The chili is spicy.Concept:Italian style,Italian,cayenne pepper, healing properties

Organic dark purple grape fruit on green background on vineyard. Organic bio food, nature and fine wine handmade concept

Woman holding bowl with fresh blueberries. Slow motion Harvesting concept. Female hands collecting berries. The concept of vegetable garden

Tangerine tree in the sun, tangerines ripe.

Water dripping onto raspberry in super slow motion. Shot on Phantom Flex 4K high speed camera.

Fresh apples turning

Fresh pineapple slices

Dates on palm tree close up

In a vineyard, a winemaker swings the Italian red wine just uncorked in a glass beaker to watch the body of the quality Italian wine. Concept: wine, Italy, nature, somelier, nature,bio.

Sweet pepper in greenhouse

Frying sliced eggplant in a grill pan

Rack Focus To Bananas With Brown Spots On Kitchen Counter


Health fresh colorful fruit salad with kiwi, orange, strawberries, mango, banana and mint on the top in bowl on table close-up. Healthy


Delicious Tomatoes growing on the farm