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AERIAL: Luxury suburban houses on a hill in prestige neighborhood

AERIAL: Suburban houses at sunrise

Aerial high shot of cars on roads in city suburbs

Flying over an American suburban neighborhood with small craftsman style houses

Home interior walk throught kitchen.modern apartment

POV Driving by Houses in Long Island Suburbs

Departing from a quaint American suburban home; dolly shot

A daytime aerial establishing shot of a typical San Antonio, Texas residential neighborhood.

Walking through a modern American suburban home, entering through the front door, moving through the living room and into the kitchen

Campbeltown Scotland downtown area with harbour in the foreground

American home interior, passing through kitchen and entering dining area

Rising up above a small American suburban down on a sunny day

POV Driving by Suburban Houses in a Village in Long Island

Aerial footage of a small town American suburban neighborhood, flying over rooftops

Home interior walk through living room warehouse conversion empty space modern apartment

Drone flying towards National Library in Minsk, Belarus above beautiful city streets and apartment tower block buildings

Flying out from huge Chinese residential apartment construction site. Drone aerial view of new development with cityscape. Flyover for a wide view of building site with cranes and scaffolding.

Modern American suburban home; approaching dolly shot

Home interior walk throught kitchen.modern apartment

Aerial View of Land Clearing for Building Construction, Cyberjaya City, Malaysia

Home interior walk through living room warehouse conversion empty space modern apartment

A bird's eye aerial flyover view of a typical Pennsylvania residential neighborhood in the late Autumn. Modest homes nestled in Fall foliage below. Pittsburgh suburbs.

New Rochelle High Rise Building Under Construction Aerial Pan Around

engineer work on table with architecture model and white helmet. Close up. 4k

Houses on the bank of Kwai river in northwestern Thailand

Modern apartment establishing shot at sunset.

Moving through the interior of an unfinished American home in mid construction phase


Flying by a row of American colonial style suburban homes with a view of Puget Sound in the disance

Roof beams of a modern American home in mid construction phase, looking up toward blue sky with sunlight

A young handsome man talks to the camera as he sits on a balcony in a luxurious apartment

Construction of a residential blocks of flats - time lapse

Aerial drone shot over residential apartment buildings on sunset. Aerial shot over community apartment complex in China.

Aerial view of a southwestern suburban neighborhood with red tile rooftops, rising to reveal a scenic mountain landscape in the background

A construction crane is working at the construction site, lifting the working solution. View from the drone. Workers in orange jellies are building a building. Orange Vests

Aerial view above a residential village, Bali island, Indonesia.

Happy couple making thumbs up near luxury house. Closeup man and woman enjoying luxury apartments. Excited family smiling outside residence together.

Construction worker unfolding building plans to review and make notes with a pencil

Establishing shot of house in suburban development with 3 car garage dolly shot with half moon near roof in daytime

Cityscape of european town, aerial view.


Flying over a small town suburban neighborhood on a sunny day

A close view of a blue apartment building with cars parked in front of it

Climbing steps of an unfinished home construction site

Suburban home exterior approach dolly shot

Following a crane hook lifting up a heavy load. Busy Chinese construction site machinery moving around. Rising up over dense building site.

Day to night timelapse of downtown apartment buildings pan down. Chinese crowded city overnight. Fast paced modern Asian night-scape time lapse in urban metropolis of Shenzhen.

drone rises to show the studs of a home being built

Aerial view above of buildings in Kwun Tong District, Hong Kong

Small suburban home exterior approach; dolly shot