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Dissatisfied businesswoman looking into camera and showing thumbs down sign

Sleepy man turns off the alarm in the early morning while continuing to sleep

Little Daughter's Displeasure with Vegetables: Close-Up Shot

Male hand stops the alarm clock early in the morning, continuing to sleep, close-up. Insomnia and sleep disturbance concept

"4k UHD POV: Three Young Professionals Discussing Opinions in a Modern Business Setting"


Child Not Wanting Food, Toddler Refusing Pasta Meal close up

Upset male offended by woman in bewilderment after quarrel

A 12-year-old boy sitting at a table, reluctantly reading a book while eating an apple


Young Student Overwhelmed with Study Showing Reluctance to Learn


Little Boy Trying To Clothe Himself By Doorway Getting Ready To Go Out

Weary Mother Gently Prepares Son for Bath, Reflecting Exhausting Parenthood

Little child's displeasure with vegetables on plate. Close up.

Tired School Girl Reading A Book And Looking At Camera Sitting On The Floor Zooming

POV of a man walking across a wooden slate bridge over a river wearing hiking boots and long pants

Caring for Health: Young Girl Contemplating Medication


Little Boy Refuses To Do Schoolwork Because He Is Tired

Expressive Disagreement: Woman's Emotional Outburst

The guy does not want to be photographed, he resists and is indignant

Children having fun in the sprinkler

A male hand pushes the microphone away, unwilling to comment on the situation

Young child holds textbooks and expresses disagreement - green screen - studio

Morning Routine: Woman Wakes Up, Turns Off Alarm, and Gets Ready

Bath Time Play, Tricky Boy Playfully Swings Hooded Towel, Delaying Bathing Routine

Sleepy Boy Hides Behind Mother's Back at the Dining Table - Seeking Comfort and Solitude