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Putting plastic bottles in recycle bin

man picks up recycle bin

Dedicated team cleaning up city park to save nature

Plastic bottle being dumped in to the sea/ocean. Pollution in ocean is a big environmental problem.


A group of three workers in white uniforms and orange vests recycle garbage and plastic on a conveyor belt at a waste recycling plant

Responsible woman showcases recycling efforts at home

Special Machine for Shredding Plastic in a Factory is Dedicated to Recycling Eco Plastic. Recycling Plastic. Close Up. Green Technologies

green concept man taking recycling out of house

Volunteers guys collecting trash garbage and sorting in bags on ocean coast at sunset. Environment pollution protection. Put on trash, rubbish, waste, junk in plastic pockets,volunteering. Blur video.


Woman in gloves collects garbage in park, fights littering. Active eco conscious person cleans environment, holds waste bag. Forest

SINGLE USE PLASTIC WASTE. Slow motion various packaging garbage floating around under water polluting ocean slow motion.

Children And Parents Volunteers Collecting Plastic Waste In Forest, Environmental Protection

Silhouettes of volunteers collecting trash and sorting it in garbage bags on ocean coast at sunset. Environment protection concept


Volunteer environmental activists people team of naturalists in white t-shirs which collecting rubbish into plastic packs all over the park

A young teenager recycling empty plastic bottles into a machine in exchange for money in Germany. plastic recycling, environmental ecology

Portrait of enthusiastic young female volunteer picking up trash near road. Caring multicultural team of volunteers working outdoors

Recycling garbage cans on a street in an urban area


Recycling plastic concept automatic machine for receiving empty cans and bottles for supermarket visitors in big city. Woman puts empty plastic bottles into plastic recycling machine. Lifestyle


Aerial top view of open storage of solid household waste and many flying seagulls above it. Violation of the environment and land pollution with plastic bottles, bags and other hazardous waste, 4k

green concept tilt recycle bin

Ecology Concept, Parents Teaching Kids To Love And Care Of Planet, Collecting Garbage In Forest

Distribution of waste for recycling at home. A woman's hand puts different types of garbage into different bins with a recycling sign

Top view pile of waste from plastic caps. Rotating background of garbage plastic multi-colored lids. Lids in different colors for plastic recycling

Eco-friendly woman swaps plastic bottles for reusable.


Volunteer collects plastic bottles in lush forest, cleans pollution. Active female helps conserve nature, picks rubbish wearing gloves

Eco volunteers cleaning up plastic waste from the pond in sunny weather. Young dedicated individuals restoring natural landscape for ecology movement.

Close-up of person collecting plastic bottles on the beach, in slow motion

Plastic garbage problem. Slow motion various single use packaging waste floats under water polluting ocean slow motion.

Plastic waste contaminating the ocean. Cinematic under water view of packaging garbage float in light rays slow motion.

A man throws a full trash bag into a bin - closeup

Cinematic background, various single use packaging plastic waste floats under water polluting the ocean slow motion.


Tilt up shot of interior of beverage factory, machine with mechanism of plastic water bottles transportation

Close up footage of a person in yellow jacket and gloves scoops used bottles with a large duck shovel at a plastic recycling factory. Huge pile of bottles on background

Timelapse. Plastic bottles in a polluted. Clouds background

Volunteers And Children Collecting Waste In Forest, Picking Up Plastic Garbage For Recycling

Midsection footage of unrecognizable female ecology activist sorting plastic bottles in container for recycling


Woman gathers plastic bottles in woodland, contributing to nature conservation. Volunteer cleans up forest, waste reduction. Female helps

green concept man taking recycling bin to curb

Workers Hands sorting Plastic waste moving on Conveyor, Garbage sorting Station

Ecology volunteers cleaning polluted lake in parkland. People supporting environment conservation. Recycling concept.

Bottle in sea. Abandoned bottle on sea surface wavy water.

Hand woman in yellow gloves picking up empty plastic bottles cleaning on the beach. Volunteer picking up trash on the sea. Clean planet Earth, collect garbage, avoid pollution. Ecological problem.

Close up shot of a large amount of plastic littering the ocean shore. environmental awareness and recycling concept.


Plastic waste litters woodland floor, pollution in natural habitat. Discarded bottles, packaging mix with fallen leaves. Litter, trash

Exhibition of Eco Technologies. Transformation of Recycled Plastic into Granules in Conveyor Line in Cutting-Edge Plastic Processing Factory


Aerial top view of open storage of solid household waste. Violation of the environment and land pollution with plastic bottles, bags and other hazardous waste, 4k


Volunteers guys collecting trash garbage and sorting in bags on sea coast at sunset. Environment pollution protection. Put on trash, rubbish


Sorting plastic bottles for reuse on recycling plant, close-up. Recycling plastic for secondary use reusing, protecting environment from