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Regretful Young Man Shaking Head Remembering Bad Memories Person Recalling Trauma

Close-up of male Caucasian hands holding US Army stripe. Lonely veteran recalling memories indoors. Old man spending day alone at home. Lifestyle, veterancy, retirement, military discharge.

Woman reminiscing by the ocean

Side view of frustrated middle aged man in wheelchair looking at picture and crying. Depressed disabled Caucasian middle aged veteran recalling memories at home indoors. Handicap and frustration.

Woman reminiscing by the ocean

Headshot portrait sad senior Caucasian woman swinging on swing on playground outdoors in sunshine. Close-up lonely aging retiree recalling memories thinking. Nostalgia and lifestyle.

Portrait of a Military Woman Reflecting on Memories

Portrait of senior Caucasian woman drinking tea and swinging in the rocking chair. Thoughtful female retiree recalling best memories of her life. Lonely pensioner resting at home in the evening.

Close-up face of happy Caucasian female pensioner closing eyes and swinging in rocking chair with photo album. Smiling senior woman recalling best memories of life. Lonely retiree resting at home.

Portrait of handicapped African American veteran recalling memories looking through photo album sitting in wheelchair on porch with cigarette. Sad disabled man on backyard outdoors.

Disabled African American military man in wheelchair looking through pictures smoking cigarette on backyard porch. Wide shot of paralyzed paraplegic sad frustrated veteran soldier recalling memories.

Portrait of Caucasian positive senior man talking recalling memories watching old photo album with blurred teenage girl listening stories at background. Happy grandfather and granddaughter at home.

Teenager reminiscing with a photo album on the bed

Close-up photo frames in male senior Caucasian friends hands. Unrecognizable old men sitting at table watching photographs recalling memories indoors.

Elderly man dreaming on blurred background. Thinking retired man recalling his memories. Portrait of cheerful elderly man.

Family bonding: Granny and grandson cherishing memories at home

Family Bonding: Elderly Woman and Grandson Cherish Memories

Family Bonding: Granny and Grandson Cherishing Memories

Side view old bearded Caucasian men talking looking at photo frame sitting at table in living room. Positive confident senior male friends recalling memories meeting on weekend.

Happy girl sitting by the river and recall memories by looking on the photos

Pensive Indian guy smiling on white background. Thoughtful man standing daydreaming recalling happy memories.

Two unrecognizable Caucasian men watching old photos. Male grey-haired retirees recalling memories indoors. Nostalgia, lifestyle, aging.

Portrait of upset young military man reflecting on lost friend in war.

Cherished moments: Grandmother and granddaughter bonding over old photo album

Family Bonding: Mature Woman and Grandson Cherish Memories

Portrait of a Senior Woman Enjoying Coffee and Reflecting on Happy Memories

Desperate depressed disabled man in wheelchair looking at photo sighing and thinking. Wide shot portrait of hopeless frustrated Caucasian retiree recalling memories in spring garden outdoors.

Close-up photo frame in male old hands of disabled senior man in wheelchair. Unrecognizable Caucasian male retiree recalling memories outdoors. Slow motion.

Photo frame in female senior Caucasian hands with white elegant wedding dress at background. Unrecognizable retiree recalling memories standing indoors at home in bathroom.

Camera moving up from US Army stripe to face of grey-haired Caucasian man with brown eyes. Old veteran sitting in wheelchair and recalling memories. Lifestyle, disability, patriotism, discharge.

Senior sad man and woman talking standing with photos at background of burnt out residential building outdoors. Portrait of old couple recalling memories in ruined bombed Ukrainian city. Slow motion.

Frustrated old man and woman talking watching old photos standing at bombed burnt building in Ukrainian city. Depressed couple recalling memories outdoors. Military invasion and hope concept.

Two senior women talking watching old photographs sitting at table in living room. Portrait of Caucasian retirees recalling memories meeting indoors.

Smiling man in wheelchair reflecting in park

Happy Groom Looking at Wedding Photos Indoors

Unidentified woman in uniform embracing photo, longing for loved ones. Upset recruit reminiscing indoors with US flag.

Two senior Caucasian friends looking at pictures in photo album and talking. Positive female retirees recalling good memories sitting at table indoors. Aging and friendship concept.

Senior Caucasian man and woman in pajamas watching old photos sitting on bed at home. Relaxed couple recalling memories enjoying leisure indoors. Nostalgia and aging concept.

Cinematic macro shot of young male blue eyes with vision glasses while looking and blinking outside camera.

Cinematic macro shot of young male blue eyes with vision glasses while looking and blinking outside camera.

Thoughtful girl sitting by the river and writing something on the paper

Reflective bride in wedding dress cherishing memories indoors

Senior woman cherishing memories of daughter's wedding morning.

Old lady daydreaming about something pleasant. Recalling good memories. Grey isolated background.

Portrait of two confident relaxed Asian women with photo frames lying with Christmas garland on carpet talking smiling. Happy friends recalling memories on New Year's eve indoors. Nostalgia concept.

Portrait of desperate senior Caucasian man hugging black and white photo and looking at camera. Depressed male retiree recalling memories in nursing home.

Reflection of senior woman fixing her hair and talking. Positive retiree at home. Recalling beauty and youth.

Wide shot portrait of charming smiling granddaughter watching old photos in album with grandmother at home. Happy positive relaxed Caucasian girl and senior woman talking recalling memories.