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a man sits on a sofa at home, alone, and watches a footbal ga,e, he is emotional, reacts to what he saw.

A woman is saddened by what is happening. The neglect reaction

Portrait of angry man displeased and fearful doing disgust face because aversion reaction, annoyance guy sitting on a sofa at home. motional guy disgusted expression, feeling angry, indoor.


Caucasian young stylish couple looking at camera on yellow background and suddenly guess, reaction of unpleasant surprise, gesture of facepalm, face expressions and body language concept

Young woman lying in a bed and using her mobile device. Girl looking at the smartphones screen and reacting on something with a smile.


genetics worker putting test tubes bottles with DNA into the PCR thermal cycler Spbas or amplifier for diagnostics. concept pharmaceutical, analysis, scientific. pharma machinery


Modern biochemical analyzer filled with test tubes. spbd Genetics worker putting inserting test tubes bottles with dna into the pcr thermal cycler or amplifier for diagnostics. concept pharmaceutical

Afraid woman face with open mouth touching face with hands on yellow background. Portrait of scared woman face in studio. Close Up of shocked woman face. Horror reaction concept


Team of multiracial co-workers with bated breath watching quotations on stock exchange at laptop and enthusiastically reacting to soaring of company's shares. Cheerful colleagues during stormy joy

Girl watching movie and reacts expressively.

Scaring reaction. Frightened man opening mouth because of being afraid and shaking head in panic, blue studio background

Beautiful young frightened woman close up. Shocked troubled pretty woman isolated on white background. Bad news and female reactions.

Asian woman working at home with happy reaction from good news in computer laptop

Close Up Of Woman Expression Reacting With Unbelief And Surprise While Driving On Road Real Reaction From Person


chemist in chemical laboratory holding a flask transparent liquid reagent and shaking it Spbd. measuring cylinders, beakers in lab. bubbles ib glass. concept research, checking, reaction

Molecule isolated on black with matte

Video Background 2542: Atomic particles collide and spin (Loop).

Lead atom, with element's symbol, number, mass and element type color.

Team of businesspeople standing together in conference room and react to bad news as if just learned inconvenient information that upset them

Shocked woman face on white background. Portrait of shock girl emotion. Panic people reaction. Fright model face. Close up of woman fear reaction

Close-up portrait of thoughtful Caucasian boy rubbing his chin, gesturing i got an idea, and going to the background. Flasks with chemical ingredients standing behind. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Social Media Emoji Reactions Animation, Background

Mystic Reaction Animation

Middle shot of surprised Caucasian boy raising hands and looking around. Portrait of amazed teenager showing emotions at chromakey background. Reaction, shock, lifestyle. Green screen.

Handheld shot of male chemist in protective gear holding up flask with vapor coming out of it and observing chemical reaction

Spicy food reaction. Little girl eating pizza. Too much pepper.


woman scientist in the laboratory mixing chemical reagent yellow liquid in stirring beaker Spbd. female doctor watching reaction in flask. concept analyzing, check, research.


Man chemist is working with chemical solution and equipment in pharmaceutical laboratory spbd. Male pharmacist puts powder in liquid and mixes with help of tool, standing in interior of modern company

shock and surprise - the reaction of a man who saw something unexpected on the laptop

Angry old woman isolated. Lady with raised eyebrow. Don't test my patience.

Newton's cradle showing laws of physics in motion 4k

Portrait of thoughtful african american man posing on grey background. Closeup serious african guy thinking problem solution. Pensive male person holding hand near face at camera.


Funny reaction on virtual entertaintment of good-looking relaxed modern grandparent and grandson using augmented reality goggles at home


chemist worker pouring a drop of red liquid into beaker with water. mixing and reaction spbas . concept expertise, examine, study. scientist pour liquid using pipette.


Excited multiracial high school students with mixed race female teacher doing chemical experiment during lesson. Curious diverse classmates in protective glasses studying chemistry looking at reaction


Woman scientist mixing together two liquid substances. Scientific discoveries spbas . Laboratory assistant pouring yellow and blue reagents, conducting experiments. concept reaction


Red ink reacting in liquid


Scientist dripping liquid into test tube flask Spbd. Closeup. Liquid chemical in a pipette with measured numbers pours. concept temperature, chemistry, laboratory. pharmaceutical research


worker chemist dripping liquid into test tube flask Spbd. Closeup. Liquid chemical in a pipette with measuring numbers pours. concept temperature, chemistry, laboratory. pharmaceutical analysis


woman scientist holding lid flask and pipette in chemistry laboratory Spbd. chemical transparent liquid. examining studying analyzing reaction. pharmaceutical industry

Multi ethnic men disappointed watching sports game. 4K Passionate geeky fans get emotional and sad. Loss and failure.

Various Reactions From The Bearded Man

atom, education, electron, element, energy, physics, science

Green liquid with dry ice inside

Digital Animation of reacting Particles

Pedestrians react to an exploded smoking manhole cover on a Manhattan Street

female chemist is working with chemicals in laboratory, taking samples from test tubes and mixing under microscope

Explosion during the experiment. Unsuccessful experiment in the chemical laboratory.