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Side view of multiethnic man and woman with tablet diagnosing server hardware opening glass door of rack in data center corridor

Empty black chair with sign Director and clapperboard in spotlight on filming set

Man working with wires in electric meter.


Auto mechanic repairs gearbox, hands work on vehicle transmission in service shop. Car maintenance, fix gears, manual clutchprofessional


Professional Electrician Doing Annual Maintenance For Air Conditioner, Deep High Pressure Cleaning

Sports-loving african american female arranging an assortment of professional equipments for bike maintenance in home yard. Black woman

Crop view of group of woodworkers creating new piece of wood furniture in workshop.


Software technician puzzled in front of computer screen while writing complex code, thinking of solution. IT expert feeling confused while

Happy warehouse workers celebrating success in warehouse factory


Auto mechanic uses pneumatic air jack to lift SUV, removes tire with impact wrench in garage. Workshop professional, vehicle maintenance

Construction worker uses optical level on construction site. Civil engineer with a theodolite doing land surveying work close up

Joyful Pet Care: Woman Dries Golden Retriever with Towel at Local Pet Shop in Dedicated Job Role

Low angle of focused Black male technician in hard hat connecting cables in machine equipment

Capable electrician preparing for yearly condenser maintenance. Meticulous wireman unpacking toolset box with professional gear needed to

Medium shot of technicians working on a laptop in a data center full of rack servers running diagnostics and maintenance on the system


Auto mechanic aligns car wheels using computerized equipment in auto repair shop. Professional conducts vehicle maintenance, precision laser

Electricity Work Concept. Silhouette Of Engineer In Helmet Standing On Field With Electricity Towers. Electrical Engineer With High Voltage Electricity Pylon At Sunset. Voltage Tower Support.


African american engineer doing bike servicing in studio background repair shop, looking on laptop maintenance list. Professional checking

Helpful mechanic in garage using tablet to follow checklist while doing maintenance on car, talking with client. Professional in auto repair

Adult bearded system administrator in glasses working on laptop and correcting errors in server hardware

Medium shot of two scientists checking pressure gauge

Proficient mechanic preparing for yearly condenser maintenance. Skilled repairman unpacking toolset box with professional gear needed to

Production plant - making a big accumulator consisting of li-ion batteries


Roofers installing a new roof on an building. Chicago IL. USA 12 sep 2023

Fit and dedicated multiracial pair inspecting damaged bicycle for maintenance using professional equipment. Boyfriend mending bike pedal and

Slowmo shot of woman discussing house problem with handymen

Handheld slowmo shot of skilled plumber fixing leak in kitchen sink

Close up shot of unrecognizable male plumber using flashlight and pliers to check and fix pipes

Diverse team of Engineers meeting on a wind farm among turbines holding tablet and blue print. clean energy source, Eco technology, electric power concept

Tracking shot of handyman fixing sensor or device in client's house

Low angle of male colleagues in vests and hardhats examining and discussing 3D plan of modern wind power station in workshop of factory

Furnace Repairman Inspects Unit in Home Basement

Handheld tracking shot with slowmo of male plumber in uniform lying under kitchen sink and fixing leak or installing new pipes

Hand Touching Solar Panel Graphics

Mechanic electrician checking wiring. Auto service workshop. Regular preventative car maintenance. Auto service

View of multiple professional machinery engines in row at factory

Handheld close up of black female auto mechanic in uniform using wrench and making repairs on undercarriage of car

Waist up of young professional female machinery maintenance worker wearing safety glasses and earmuffs working with t-spanner while fixing factory equipment indoors

Auto mechanic working underneath car lifting machine at the garage. Auto repair shop, Car service, repair.

Handheld close up of unrecognizable female auto mechanic holding clipboard and marking services rendered for clients car

Medium shot of a humanoid robot examining holographic display

Application for a digital tablet for wireless diagnostics and analysis of the technical condition of the electric motor in the car and the state of the battery. Car model shown in 3D projection

Engineer repairing aircraft engine in hangar 4k

construction worker discussing work with business people using tablet at construction site,

Caucasian male cyclist mending his own bicycle in the yard doing annual outdoor vehicle maintenance using professional equipment. Examining

Computer solid state drive upgrade, diagnosing breakdowns. Technician detaches laptop hard drive ssd repairing it in service center workshop, hands closeup. He unscrews bolts in computer screwdriver.

professional electrician is working in industrial workshop, installing connection box, repair works in plant, checking working capacity of equipment

Dolly out drone shot of efficient technicians cleaning and lubricating HVAC system components, checking refrigerant level and calibrating