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DAYTON, OHIO - JULY 18: Young girl grabbing a Starbucks Double Shot Energy drink at gas station on hot summer day in Dayton, Ohio on July 18, 2019.

Tracking close up shot of stacks of dried figs on sale in food market

Ubud - Indonesia - 2022. Close-up of a showcase in an electronics store on a shelf in an apple store presents a large selection of Apple watches and a tablet with information about the new product.

Box of cereal grabbed from shelf in grocery store

Circa April, 2023 - A detailed closeup view of a typical Etsy storefront selling digital downloads and print-on-demand products. (Note: this is my Etsy shop and my designs and products.)

A long list of various print on demand (POD) t-shirts scroll up the screen. All designs are released.


Warsaw, Poland - May 01, 2024 Modern supermarket luxurious store of premium cosmetics and perfumes. Store offers customers exclusive

Men's shoes on shelves in a clothing store

Tracking close up shot of different kinds of nuts in boxes on sale in food market; fresh watermelons and melons in background

A lively popular brand boutique with cosmetic products. Decorative and care cosmetics are sold in branded famous boutique. People walk into a cosmetics store with glass doors. Ubud - Indonesia - 2022

DAYTON, OHIO - JULY 18: Gatorade taken from fridge at convenient store gas station on hot summer day in Dayton, Ohio on July 18, 2019.

Tracking shot of various kinds of nuts including cashews and walnuts on shelf on sale at indoor food market

A woman is planning a food list near the refrigerator using a mobile app.


A series of colorful bar codes are displayed on a blurry background. The bar codes have various numbers on them, including 5 06379 684980

Fresh fruit at market

Seasonal discounts of up to fifty percent in shopping center on buyers. Big discounts on accessories buying good quality products low prices

Denpasar, Indonesia - October 22, 2023: iPhone 15 sales start and store is crowded with customers. Wide shot of people choose new gadget


Grabbing diet Pepsi from fridge in candy store 4k

Tilt down of tall and long display with many shelves with rows of various cosmetic products in large supermarket selling beautycare stuff

A close up view of someone creating a print on demand (POD) t-shirt on a computer.

Empty Grocery Shelves Where Toilet Paper Was During Coronavirus Outbreak 4 K

Salted and Unsalted pretzels rotating in display window

Vertical Video Greenscreen display shown on tablet at neighborhood grocery store, support low carbon footprint and eco friendly farming

Kroger Store Empty Bath Tissue Shelves During Coronavirus Outbreak 4 K

Slowmo of cropped woman trying on silver rings in modern luxury jewelry shop, standing by countertop

View on bakery counter with many different cakes, sandwiches and bread displayed, freshly baked pastries on a bakery shop counter. Baked baguettes and pies on showcase in bakery shop.

Colorful ice cream with different flavors, decorated with nuts, chocolate, in refrigerator display. Variety boggles mind when choosing ice

A rotating display of gold costume jewelry.

Ubud, Indonesia - October 23, 2023: Apple store presents models of iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Plus. Technological shopping for


Warsaw, Poland - May 01, 2024 Stylish cosmetics store, display case is filled with huge selection of decorative cosmetics. Showcase displays

Fresh raw red meat at market. Close up different types of meat in plastic boxes at butchers shop. Meat from organic farm.

Display of nut selection in sustainable zero waste shop with eco package. Green diet and eco friendly lifestyle

Paris, France. June 2022. Customer at a vibrant local market, paying at a fruit and vegetable stand.


Electric blue logo with white cross in a circle on a blue background

stop motion a coins stack increase. business growth concept.

Man applying RFID bracelet to the electronic access equipment on entrance gate to the subway, underground or gym. Frame. Black electronic

France, Paris, 30 August 2023: The emblem of the Saint-Germain football club at the club's stadium in Paris France

Pretzels rotating in heating oven at arcade

shoes stylish sneakers hipster cool footwear store mall sale business warehouse shelf colored racks

A rotating display of bracelet costume jewelry merchandise.


A modern cell phone with a green screen is featured in a variety of settings, including sitting on a wooden table next to a bowl of food

Different wines are showcased in a wine cellar on a cedar rack, with a thermostat

Side view slow motion of curly-haired Biracial girl standing in contemporary luxury jewelry shop, looking at display of necklaces, smiling

Various choice of fresh organic vegetables and fruits on shelf in supermarket. Abundance of eco-friendly products for healthy eating and dieting on shop shelf at green grocery store.

Paris, France. June 2022. Exploring the vibrant Marché Popincourt, showcasing French culinary delights.


Colorful glass pendants chandelier and butterfly from world-famous Murano glass. Traditional venetian glass chandelier in branded gift shop, Murano, Venice, Italy.


A modern cell phone with a green screen standing among food ingredients on a wooden table next to a bowl of fermented food

Fresh bread and other baked goods on display in a pastry shop and bakery