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Relaxed slow-motion shot of young man on couch in modern apartment changing TV channels

Close-up side view of desperate businessman sitting in office hallway holding head in hands. Headshot portrait of frustrated depressed Caucasian man procrastinating in corridor. Bankruptcy concept.

Anxious man sitting at glass fence on rooftop, deep in thought. Portrait of worried guy resting outdoors.

Portrait of bored Caucasian man messaging online in social media yawning sighing. Uninterested adult guy procrastinating indoors at home in living room. Slow motion.


Teenager gamer playing video games while sitting at the computer, back view close up

Hopeless man contemplating at sunset on Mediterranean coast. Portrait of depressed person reflecting. Inequality concept.

Tired man lying down on comfortable couch and taking a rest, daytime nap. Media. Portrait of carefree guy relaxing, lying on his back and

Relaxing Watching Football on TV

man annoyed by alarm clock

Portrait of young happy male freelancer working from home, looking at camera.

Medium close-up of relaxed male office worker lazily sitting on chair in modern office with hands on desk, slowly typing on laptop and sipping coffee from plastic cup

Young successful entrepreneur works from home online using laptop.

Man waiting in hospital and using smartphone, procrastination

Thoughtful young man writing with coffee by his side

Young man enjoying music and using smartphone at home

Close-up portrait of thoughtful man in sunglasses on beach. Stressed businessman planning crisis management.


Lazy teenager lying on sofa late at night watching TV

Panning slow-motion full shot of bored african american man lying on sofa in living room switching channels on tv with remote control, searching for program to watch

Caucasian man closing laptop falling asleep sitting on sofa in living room at home. Portrait of tired bored guy surfing internet resting on weekend indoors. Lifestyle and leisure concept.

Young person in hotel room takes a break from work 4k

Wicker chair with young man in formal suit admiring beauty of blue waves rolling in slow motion. Relaxed tourist enjoying beach.

Low angle shot of successful happy relaxed businessman using laptop resting in beach lounge chair on summer vacation.

Headphones guy dancing chair at home closeup. Procrastinating freelancer listening rhythmic music at remote green screen pc workplace. Positive man enjoying having fun at mockup computer table alone

SURPRISE CONCEPT Close-up face of happy black male blogger in eyeglasses holding smartphone, getting amazed and excited.

Background shot of focused successful male freelancer with drink using laptop in lounge chair on summer beach resort.

Two diverse male friends chilling together at home playing video games and vaping

Man on the sofa scrolling on smartphone at home

Wide shot relaxed Caucasian man lying on couch surfing internet on digital tablet. Carefree adult guy scrolling social media procrastinating on weekend. Leisure and lifestyle concept.

Closeup shot of man scrolling through social media on phone

Businessman enjoying work at beach resort

Businessman working on laptop at beach resort

Contemplative man by the sea, reflecting on life

Depressed woman with frustrated husband in cafe, reflecting on marriage and conflict

Family relationships during quarantine. Happy Caucasian parents and teenage kids stare at various gadget screens at home

Happy fun black male student nodding head to music playing mobile game using smart phone mobile app on couch at home.

Caucasian man in headphones typing on laptop at home, tired finishing work

A person drifting off to sleep with a smartphone in their hands

Caucasian man in headphones typing on laptop at home, social media comminication

Low angle shot of successful happy comfortable freelancer man with laptop and drink resting in beach lounge resort chair

Man using cellphone on a bench. Scrolling on smartphone.

Young man drinking wine from bottle leaning on car at suburban road. Portrait of guy in suit procrastinating outdoors. Driving and frustration.

Creative Concept: Portrait of a Young Writer Working from Home

Close-up happy young freelancer smiles texting friends using smartphone at home.

Man watching a big green mock-up screen TV in the living room. 4K footage


Teenager gamer playing video games while sitting at the computer

Young couple enjoying funny memes and videos on social media, sitting together on sofa


Teenager gamer playing video games while sitting at the computer

Medium shot of two multiethnic male best friends playing video games on console and smoking sitting on couch in living room chilling