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Dawn over the pond

Low Angle view of log in lake

A lake with a raft of ducks in the center, surrounded by greenery in a rural area

The rotational motion of the vortex whirlpool in the body of water surface

Summer Aerial Drone View Of Ceder Pond With Cloud Reflections In Water 01

Lotus Flowers On Lake Water 26

Super Slow Motion Of Water Surface Contemplative Shot Of Water Moving Slowly

Young Boy Fishing By A Lake, Child Outdoor Leisure Activity 8

Foggy sunrise over park alley by the lake

Reeds are waving slowly at sunset, Thickets of reeds on background of lake or pond water

Pond with stones. Plants and water, summer. Let nature take its course.

Boy went in water. Concept. Teenager went into water on lake on summer day. Boy went to bathe in clothes on sunny summer day

Rippling surface of the lake with reflections. Serene summer landscape.

Water lily with green leaves on the lake.

Reeds And Lake In Nature 4


Pond and swamp in the tropical jungle among green vegetation. Siargao, Philippines.

Bubbles On Green Mossy Lake Water 2

Willow tree branches with green leaves in front of a pond with reflections and ripples on the water surface and walking people on the background

grass grows out of the lake. the sky reflects nature and nature

A landscape designer creates beautiful garden decorations

Quiet pond in forest establishing shot 4k

Pure Pond Water in Woman's Hands. Closeup.


Brown frog (Rana temporaria) close-up in a pond.

A slow motion to the end of a narrow wooden pier over a lake, surrounded by dark wood

Angler on a serene lake in daylight.

AERIAL: Low flight over the pond

Serene lake in the lush Finnish forest at dawn


Aerial drone advancing over serene lake reflecting clouds

Group of white swans floating in pond. Six swans feeding from pond. Beauty of wild life.

A Serene Lake with Ducks and Greenery in a Rural Area - A Small Tree in the Foreground

Exploring Stunning Wetlands in Golden Summer

Splashes of water from fallen stone. Surface of pond with running water skippers. Water striders running on lake. Calm surface of forest lake is broken by falling stone.


Aerial view of Elephants in Balule Nature Reserve, Maruleng, Limpopo region, South Africa.

Frog hiding in water runs away 4k

Reeds And Lake In Nature 2

Vienna, Austria, August 2022. Amazing footage in the Schonbrunn palace gardens. From the top of the hill we see numerous tourists exploring the magnificent gardens of fascinating design.

Fog over the calm river at dawn


Sunset high in the mountains. Green mountain slopes in 4k

School of Goldfish in Chinese Pond

turquoise water lake. colorful background. nature environment

Aerial Nebraska Omaha September 2016 4K

Pond And Fountain In Swampy Bayou

A bench by a pond under a willow in a park on a sunny day - slider


Bachalpsee Lake, Switzerland at Grindelwald-First.

Close-up frog in the wild. hid among leaves and sticks. Macro shooting

lake at the giant panda breeding research center in chengdu

Colorful Koi Fish in a Japanese Pond


Aerial view of people swimming in a serene pond surrounded by autumn trees and a church in Cetinje, Montenegro.