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Male Politician Delivering Speech

Close-up side view shot footage of hands belonging to Caucasian female politician speaking about global issues during international convention

International negotiations for a round table. Statesman or politicians are seriously discussing the problem of ecology

Discussion Meeting Room United Nations Headquarters Building in NY

Assertive Senior Politician at Press Conference

Politician Passionate about his Work

Members of Group of Seven taking photo against countries flags on international meeting in boardroom

Persuasive Female Politician

A slow motion shot of flags at the Utah State Capitol Building

Washington DC Capitol Timelapse

Indonesia Country Nation Map Asia Flag 3 D Animation

Enormous Rally Crowd

Waving flags at 2013 presidential inauguration

A male politician sitting behind the table - speaking into microphone

Official representatives shaking hands in agreement on international conference and posing for photo of social media

Storm clouds over the White House in Washington, D.C.

Few Lawmakers Show Up For Meeting In State Building

A dramatic sunset view over the American Flags at the Washington Monument with a kite flying in the distance. Shot at 48fps.

Side view shot footage of unrecognizable African American man taking part in election debates using hand gestures when speaking

Caucasian curly girl being among crowd at the demonstration for animals rights and climate and loking with serious face to the camera. Close up.

DO BETTER Sign at Rally

Protestor Holds a minimalist "truth" sign at the 2017 NYC March for Science

Presidential Candidate Speaking Passionately

Gestures of hand beside microphone. American flag, microphone and guy. Just make them believe. You must control every move.

Adult male representative of America telling speech into microphone while sitting at table on international summit with other members

Rolling Political Pattern

NEW YORK CITY, UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 - Protestors marching at the People's Climate March, a large-scale activist event to advocate global action against climate change.

A United States Flag flies in front of the Capitol Dome/Rotunda

Republican vs Democrat Flag blowing in the wind against a clear blue sky.

Man speaks into microphone. American flag behind businessman's back. Information for citizens. Stay calm and listen.

Side view of social media agents taking interview from male politician on international meeting

Thousands of protestors applaud en masse on the Washington mall.

EU and British flags, brexit

Press Secretary Out Of Focus Man Approaches Podium At White House


TV studio news female presenter talking breaking news about street mass protests

soldiers marching by the street

SAN DIEGO, CA - Circa February, 2017 - Protesters at the San Diego Civic Center carry signs to show their support for illegal aliens.

Lawmakers Have Private Discussion In The House Of Reps

A slow Motion Dolly shot of flags at the Utah State Capitol Building

Woman from United Kingdom deputy giving speech about bitcoin while sitting at table in international meeting

A Macro Ultra Closeup stylized pan over backlit American Flag & fabric

Side view of social media agents taking interview from male politician on international meeting

Crowd Of Trump Supports Waving Flags At Rally

4K Judge Ruling With Gavel Justice And Freedom Concept

Election Polling Location Map Pins Voting Day Precincts 3 D Animation

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Circa August, 2017 - A long establishing shot of the Capitol Dome on Capitol Hill as seen from Pennsylvania Avenue. Shot in 5K.

Biden Supporters wave flags celebrating 2020 Presidential Election win, New York

People waved flags. Fans with American flags. Patriots waving flags of America. People at sporting events supported by America.