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Close-up beautician draws the contours of a white pencil on the face of the patient

Concentrated surgeon and nurse checking stiches during operation in slow motion. Intelligent focused Middle Eastern man and Caucasian woman performing surgery in operating room.

Top view. Woman receives facial injections for youthful appearance. Skilled cosmetologist uses hyaluronic acid to address wrinkles.

Slow motion close up of african woman with beautiful face and perfect skin just cleaned from impurities touching it gently with hand to show how soft and smooth it is.

Front view concentrated plastic surgeon doing facial operation in slow motion indoors. Portrait of focused Caucasian man making dissection during blepharoplasty in medical clinic surgery room.

Side view portrait of woman lying on surgery bed as unrecognizable plastic surgeon stitching eyelid dissection in slow motion. Caucasian patient in operating room with doctor doing cosmetic surgery.


A young woman sitting in the clinic silently with perforations on her face waiting for her plastic surgery operation

Close up view of Patients Lips during the Lip Augmentation. Beauticians hands make Injection into the Womans Lips. Ultraviolet light. Plastic Surgery. Series of Shots about Lip Augmentation.

Beautician touching woman face and draws a pencil or marker. Facial plastic surgery. Hand is drawing lines with marker on cheek. In a the beauty salon.

Young woman getting lip augmentation at a clinic

Close up of hands of surgeons team during operation with surgical laparoscopy instruments. Action. Team of surgeons at work in a hospital.

Wide shot surgery room with professional doctor and nurse performing facial surgery in slow motion. Expert Caucasian man and woman working in medical clinic doing plastic surgery indoors.

Skincare Professional Administering Botox Treatment to Mature Client

Portrait Of Multi-Cultural Medical Team Standing In Hospital Corridor

Bottom angle view of concentrated surgeon performing operation in slow motion indoors. Portrait of focused Middle Eastern man in uniform doing surgery in operating room in hospital.


Young Woman with Perforation Lines on Her Face Before Her Plastic Surgery Operation. Sitting in the clinic waiting for the surgeon.

Young woman receiving lip augmentation in a clinic

Young woman getting eyelid surgery with expert doctor in slow motion. Patient talking with plastic surgeon during operation.

Beauty Specialist Enhancing Features for Client at Beauty Center

Plastic surgeon drawing lines on fat female Caucasian hand. Obese patient preparing for cosmetic surgery. Liposuction, medicine, cellulite.

Concentrated surgeon and assistant doing operation on patient face in surgery room indoors. Professional confident Caucasian man and woman performing reconstructive surgery in medical clinic.

Female Caucasian hand in medical gloves drawing lines on fat woman's leg. Plastic surgeon preparing patient for cosmetic surgery. Liposuction, medicine, cellulite.

plastic surgeon checking middle aged woman face before cosmetic surgery

Young Female Doctor Plastic Cosmetic African Surgeon, Shows Result In Patient's Mirror, Inspecting Healed Face After Plastic Surgery With


A young woman checks her face in the mirror after getting up from the chair in the doctor's clinic and feels happy and relieved with her plastic surgery operation results.

Close-up dissection of eyelid during plastic surgery operation in medical clinic. Professional Caucasian surgeon and nurse operating patient indoors in darkness with surgical light.

Confident plastic surgeon stitching dissection with cautery machine in slow motion. Side view focused Caucasian man operating patient in surgery room in medical clinic indoors. Technology and medicine.

Woman having a laser skin treatment

Medium shot professional plastic surgeon wiping blood from face of patient during operation. Expert Caucasian doctor making eyelift surgery in clinic indoors in slow motion.

Portrait Of Smiling Female Doctor With Stethoscope Standing By Desk In Office

Cosmetologist administering beauty treatment on young woman in clinic. Dolly shot.

Young woman getting lip augmentation at a clinic


Beautiful young woman with perforation lines on her face before plastic surgery operation. The woman looking at the camera. Slow motion.

Curly African American woman looks at herself in the mirror, the woman likes her face and body. Taking care of yourself in front of a mirror. Natural beauty without cosmetics and plastic surgery.


Plastic surgery. A male plastic surgeon examining the bandages of his patient. Plastic surgery of full face. A clinic. examination room.

Close-up beautician draws the contours of a white pencil on the face of the patient.

Consultation with Plastic Surgeon: Enhancing Self-Image in Medical Setting

Beauty shot of young woman with perfect face skin after applying moisturizing cream is touching it gently with hand to show how soft and smooth it is. Concept of skincare, cosmetics, healthcare.

Slow motion of asian woman with beautiful face and perfect skin just cleaned from impurities ready for day or night cream is smiling in camera. Shot in 8K.

Female Patient Shaking Hands With Doctor Sitting At Desk In Office

Beauty shot of mature woman controlling imperfections and wrinkles of her face skin before applying moisturizing cream while mirroring in camera. Concept of skincare, cosmetics, healthcare, anti age.


A young woman is wearing her patient gown and lays down for her plastic surgery procedure. The male surgeon gets his instruments/ injections ready for the procedure.

Beautician giving female patient injection in forehead. Cosmetologist makes injection of botulinum in woman forehead against wrinkles, closeup.

Cosmetologist performing lip injection on young client. Close-up shot.

Surgery tools. The hands of an operating nurse serve a surgical instrument. Multiple surgery tools on a plate in operating room. Doctors and

Portrait Of Smiling Female Doctor Wearing White Coat With Stethoscope Sitting Behind Desk In Office

Surgeon preparing woman for liposuction

plastic surgeon checking and measuring woman face before operation on blue background