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Plastic bottle being dumped in to the sea/ocean. Pollution in ocean is a big environmental problem.

Plastic Bottles For Recycling And Energy Saving

Putting plastic bottles in recycle bin


Unscrewing thick white plastic cap of big bottle 4K

Fresh natural cool water pouring from a clean plastic recycled water bottle

Closeup shot of a plastic water bottle in male hand. Setting sun is on the background.


conveyor in garbage sorting plant, plastic bottles for recycling and reuse, ecology save and environmental protection, plastic PET waste for

Pouring clear water to a plastic bottle

Rotating star wheels with mini water containers.

Timelapse. Plastic bottles in a polluted. Clouds background


No people low angle closeup of row of plastic pet bottles slowly moving through robotic automation line at bottling factory

Filling plastic bottle with clean drinking water. Purified water sources. Public water bottle filling station.

Plastic water bottles on conveyor and water bottling machine industry.

Closeup footage of unrecognizable female hand crumpling empty plastic water bottle fighting for environment


No people stab footage of plastic capped bottles with fizzy drink moving in line on automation robotic conveyor belt at beverage plant

Empty water bottles grabbed from a conveyor line by a cleaning rotary wheel. 4K.

Plastic bottles littering the coast line of a deserted beach and in the ocean

A bottle with fresh water

A white, gel-like, opaque liquid from a bottle is poured into a small black, round, plastic container. Close-up.

Water Bottles Plant for the production of carbonated water. Plastic bottles on the conveyor Clean water in plastic bottle moves through conveyor factory.

Dairy factory conveyor line. Milk bottles on conveyor belt at dairy plant. Milk production line. Dairy production. Manufacturing line at dairy plant. Milk factory. Food industry

Hand opening tap with drinking water. Water pouring into plastic bottle from a tap. Source of healthy water.

Aerial top view of open storage of solid household waste. Violation of the environment and land pollution with plastic bottles, bags and other hazardous waste, 4k


Stab footage of hand in rubber glove of unrecognizable factory worker putting one bottle to moving conveyor belt with line of plastic soda bottles at beverage plant

Silhouette of a man drinking water from a plastic bottle, close-up

Empty plastic bottles lying outdoors on sunny day. Stacked garbage waste close-up. Environmental protection and ecology pollution concept.

Close-up of person collecting plastic bottles on the beach, in slow motion

Plastic pollution in sea ocean - big environmental problem. Plastic bag and bottle flowting in ocean.


No people stab footage of myriad of PET bottles of purified mineral water moving on conveyor belt at drinking water plant

Responsible woman showcases recycling efforts at home

Man shaking water in a plastic bottle, close-up

Plastic water bottles on conveyor and water bottling machine industry.

A bottle is being filled with water

Empty plastic bottles on sand beach. Pollution and environmental problem. Green planet concept


A man shows off his skills by completing a water bottle flip trick outside at dusk.

Cosmetic Bottles For Sale In Supermarket. Close-Up.


Aerial top view of open storage of solid household waste. Violation of the environment and land pollution with plastic bottles, bags and other hazardous waste, 4k

Plastic bottles with aerated mineral water are moving along the conveyor. There are bubbles in bottles

Hand woman in yellow gloves picking up empty plastic bottles cleaning on the beach. Volunteer picking up trash on the sea. Clean planet Earth, collect garbage, avoid pollution. Ecological problem.

Detergent shelves in supermarket

Plastic trash and waste litter an empty beach - handheld tilt up

Close up Of Woman Drinking Water From Plastic Bottle

Close up shot of a large amount of plastic trash laying at the beach. Environmental Pollution Ecological Problem Concept.

Medical bottles rotating on table. Pharmaceutical bottles for liquid drugs. Medicine container. Medical jars with white label. Pharmacy bottles. Pharmaceutical industry

Lots of water bottles. Bottles with blue caps. Simple means perfect. Merchandise supplied to supermarkets.

An array of bottles of water on a white backdrop. - Editorial Clip.

Container being filled with water. Big bottles moving on conveyor. Plant works around the clock. Five gallons of clean water.

Pile of plastic caps in different colors. Rotating background of many colorful plastic bottle caps