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Group of business related coworkers wearing suits having teambuilding meeting and conference discussing company results. Girl in audience filming presentation and colleagues on phone.

Man Holding Up a Phone Taking a Picture at a Wedding Ceremony

Stressed boss arguing at team meeting in company workspace. Young professionals nervous about failed business deal. Colleagues feeling desperate.

Professional man in suit handles calls, multitasks, and pursues career goals

Office workers are doing their job in conference hall

Worker does online reservation requests on telephone call with clients in reception. At five star hotel, front desk staff uses phone and

Business team celebrating success in office conference room. Manager shares good news in boardroom. Coworkers happy and satisfied with successful work.


Employee Talking Phone And Doing Paperwork In Office

Online call center working from home interior. Man behind laptop screen

3 Female Manager Doing Remote Work With Laptop Computer Phone

A Young Professional by the Window Talking on a Mobile Phone

Youth making gestures during video call on mobile


Laughing man enjoy videocall by cellphone sitting apartment couch close up. Happy handsome guy video calling friends by smartphone internet.

Phone call, incoming call

Zoom out view of friendly woman demonstrating cellphone and explaining new features during presentation against LED screen

Businessman on the beach talking on cellphone, slow motion 240fps

Handheld over the shoulder close up shot of a woman holding smart phone with green screen chroma key

Students chat online in a university classroom. Introverts and fear of people

Introverted students do not communicate in the real world, but write messages only online.

Professional man having video call in car. Smiling male communicating on cellphone. Man having online meeting in automobile.

Man employee in suit uses digital device sitting on the forum about industry and economy

Close-up of professional discussing work with colleague on video call


Portrait of a business woman. Woman boss looks at the camera and smiles while holding a notepad. Several girls in the background

Business concept. People sitting in their phones

Video Chatting on Smart Phone

Man video chatting on mobile phone

Students Using Smartphones in Lecture. Young People on Social Media while Studying.

Man video chatting using mobile phone

Woman sending sms on cellphone

Over the shoulder PAN of grandparents video calling daughter and grandson on mobile phone while relaxing in cafe

Young man in printed shirt video calling with colleague at office


Female Freelancer Doing Paperwork And Talking Phone

Students chat online in a university classroom. Introverts and fear of people

Tracking shot of mid-aged businessman working on laptop and answering phone call in modern office

Businessman talks to colleague via video call on phone


Guy speaking on online meeting cellphone at home sofa close up. Serious freelancer video calling looking smartphone web camera in apartment.

Professional woman making video call with wireless headset near office building.


Teen girl video calling friend online, Over the shoulder view of phone screen in woman's hand.

Zoom out view of middle aged male speaker demonstrating brand new mobile phone and talking during presentation on stage against big LED screen

Enthusiastic person video chatting on mobile device

Asian Woman Student Talking On Mobile Phone In Green Screen Studio

Working from Home: Study and Productivity in the Living Room


POV: Caucasian Call Center Worker in headset taking notes while talking with Client looking into camera.

Young girl waving and smiling at phone camera, sitting on bed, then lying down on pillow, continuing smiling


Vegan person talking on videocall conference while shopping for groceries, presenting chemicals free natural fruits and veggies in a paper

Mature man and adult woman presenting new mobile phone features on stage

Old man using online conference call on smartphone, sitting next to crutches on couch. Elder person starting remote conversation on teleconference, holding mobile phone. Video call discussion

Pregnant woman video chatting on mobile phone at home