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Affectionate lovely purring shorthair tabby female cat bonding with caring pet female owner, bunting, rubbing cheek against woman face, expressing love, friendship, trust and strong bond.

Closeup of sick labrador dog lying on examination table at pet care clinic, breathing hard, while vet doctor's hands in gloves stroking and caressing ill animal. Pet healthcare concept

Close up of labrador retriever dog lying on the carpet on the floor at home and enjoying caress. Cute pet dog with big wet nose turns a blind eye to pleasure due to petting hand of the female.

Close-up of female hands gently petting happy cute labrador retriever outdoors. Loyal dog enjoying caressing of her owner, gazing at best friend with loving and devoted look during a walk in fresh air

Man stroking cat cute on head. Man holding happy cat in his arms. Man and domestic pet cat. Close up man fondling cat pet. Domestic pet in hands owner


Kitten eating food from bowl. Little hungry cat eating at home cat food

Portrait of serene attractive female dog owner holding on her shoulder tiny shorthair apple head chihuahua dog, embracing and petting puppy with love in nature, expressing tenderness and care.

Persian kitten getting a vaccine at the veterinary clinic

Medium shot of cat getting vaccinated at veterinary clinic

Closeup beautiful golden retriever's face looking at camera and barking at pet care clinic during annual checkup. Adorable labrador dog barking while sitting on examination table

Handsome mature male professional veterinarian examining adorable puppy working at his clinic copyspace veterinary dogs pet care hospital medicine profession doctor friendly.

Female combs yorkshire terrier

Close-up of caring female pet owner hand pouring dry crispy cat food in plastic pet bowl, placed on wooden floor while affectionate cute fluffy one eyed male kitty smelling and eating food.


Black Labrador retriever standing straight, pet care take a walk at urban road in the afternoon sunset, pet lover and bonding, tapping touch on dog skin, dog training, human and dog friendship

Silhouette of long hair female dog owner holding her cute shorthair apple head chihuahua dog against sunsetting sky, expressing love and care for pet during summer leisure in countryside.

Woman gives dog a kiss and cuddle, close loving relationship between pet and owner.

6-Dog Owner Cleaning Pet Teeth With Toothbrush Toothpaste


Girl stroking her pet in the park. Husky dog is happy to get a piece of love and care from the owner

Medium shot of veterinarians examining a cat

Adorable young woman playing with dog in the garden at sunset time

A grey chinchilla on hands of young woman

Close-up beautiful adult golden retriever sitting on the sofa at pet care clinic and waiting for vet doctor's appointment. Gorgeous labrador dog visiting animal care clinic for annual checkup

portrait of kid and dog jack russell terrier

Dog loves his owner


Girl loves stroking the dog and the pet loves getting love and care from the owner. They enjoying summer day lying on the grass

Rear view of athletic female jogger petting and hugging labrador pet sitting together on shore and enjoying sea sunset after running. Active fitness woman in sportswear stroking labrador dog in nature

Adorable cat sitting on examination table at veterinarian office

Closeup dog's head being caressed by veterinarian hands in examination gloves at pet care clinic. Beautiful golden retriever at animal hospital during annual checkup, vet stroking cute dog with hands

Lovely family couple plays with adorable friendly corgi dog sitting on comfortable sofa in modern living room slow motion

Veterinarian Inspecting Scared Dog - Care for Pets

Cute white cat sitting with sick human on couch 4k

The trainer training the dog to crawl on floor

Dog stands on the hind legs

Close up shot of girl holding and kissing a cat

Closeup portrait of affectionate charming african american female pet owner hugging and bonding with adorable comely apple head chihuahua dog, caressing pet with love , showing warm feelings and care.

Obstetrician uses transducer for ultrasound. Sonogram belly of the dog close up.

Girl stroking a worried gray cat, cat's face close-up

Close up shot of girl holding and kissing a cat

Medium shot of a male veterinarian examining a cat

The child strokes a falling asleep gray cat. The cat relaxed. Face of a cat close-up

Female Hugging With Cat

Cute jack russel terrier dog licking face of cheerful little girl while cuddling on sofa in the living room

happy life of pets. the hand of a man stroking his dog. funny face labrador retriever close-up - slow motion

Man playing with pet dog

Hand Holding and Feeding Parrots - Animal Care Concept

Owner Woman Loves Her Cat

Medium shot of male veterinarian examining cat with its master

A man gently pets his orange cat while holding it in his arms in slow motion