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Waist-up backlit shot of four multiracial creative professionals engaged in heated and emotional discussion with lots of gesturing about colour scheme, sitting in office by brightly lit shaded window

Medium shot of young Middle Eastern car loan sales manager sitting at desk in dealership office and negotiating terms of lease contract with unrecognizable Caucasian male buyer

Persuasive man discussing financial charts at business seminar

Video call POV of confident manager explaining business idea pointing at graph on whiteboard in home office. Portrait of engaged Middle Eastern man talking in virtual conference indoors.

Businessman discussing partnership with senior colleague in office. Portrait of successful man convincing investor for startup investment.

Portrait of confident persuasive Caucasian man conferencing online showing graph convincing business partners. Blurred colleague standing at background in office. Confidence and negotiations concept.

Portrait of Middle Eastern expert discussing profitability in virtual conference from home office.

Group of absorbed multiethnic millennial business people talking and arguing discussing project in office. Creative team planning startup indoors. Strategy and brainstorming concept.

Happy confident female boss, executive manager leads business meeting with two male colleagues at office slow motion.

After disagreement - a woman tries to appease her partner

man - green screen - portrait - man welcomes people - man invites people

Portrait of young woman presenting business plan to colleagues in office. Successful CEO leading meeting. Teamwork and success.

A young person shares insights on the benefits of fruits

Happy Asian man and European girl talk, laugh at office discussion meeting. Multiethnic business partnership team 4K.

Daughter shares problems with mother

Mother talks with depressed daughter

Affectionate woman persuading husband to buy new house with help of realtor, while couple selects housing options in office.

Aggressive man in sunglasses looks at the camera and speaks. Adult man stands near the apricot tree in city park and talks into the camera

Mother calms her crying daughter

Talented freelancer using virtual conference on laptop, working from home office.

Creative professional discussing project with colleagues

Smiling men and women clapping spokesperson presenting business strategy idea on meeting. Positive confident successful Caucasian team planning outdoors. Slow motion.

Large advertisement screens in downtown Times Square NYC 4k

Medium shot of African American prime minister in glasses giving speech on current agenda at international symposium, and diverse colleagues listening, with UK, USA and German flags in background

Medium close-up selective focus shot of African American male minister speaking emotionally during international crisis summit, multiethnic colleagues listening, and various state flags in background

Confident professional woman presenting project with colleagues in office. Manager brainstorming with coworkers. Business ideas.

Medium shot of young Arab sales manager sitting at desk in car showroom and negotiating terms and conditions of loan contract and insurance with Caucasian husband and wife

Medium side shot of African American politician in formal suit and tie sitting at table at international symposium and speaking persuasively, while Caucasian female colleagues are looking on

Inspired Caucasian woman and Middle Eastern man gesturing discussing startup in office. Positive multiethnic coworkers talking planning project indoors. Business success and cooperation concept.

Full shot of multiracial project team working together in loft office - Asian woman explaining idea to black man in wheelchair, and Caucasian female and male colleagues with laptop discussing proposal

Man on Street Preaching Word of God

Eyes of senior woman. Lady opening her eyes. Look into my mind.

Man looks at the camera and talks

Unrecognizable man in headphones and suit cleaning plate, talking on laptop. Manager working remotely from home office.

Teacher helping middle school students with reading and learning new topic in lesson. Education, school, learning and people concept. Slow motion

Confident CEO presenting startup idea to team in office. Successful woman discussing project with young people. Brainstorming concept.

Professional analyst presenting project with diverse team. Colleagues discussing business and success.

Medium shot of African American male politician or presidential candidate, in suit, tie and glasses, with vote badge, speaking in front of journalists with microphones during election campaign

Man on New York City street preaching

Colleague discussing business project with coworker indoors. Confidence and teamwork concept.

Young African American man working remotely in comfortable living room.

Young man waving at laptop camera, talking in slow motion from home office. Portrait of focused guy conferencing online.

Confident Asian Woman Discussing Business Startup Idea in Video Chat

Confident young woman persuading on phone from home office. Intelligent startuper convincing investor in project profitability. Business concept.

Confident African American woman discussing startup from home office

Pediatrician builds trust with young patient

Man in New York City preaching word of God

Zoom in of friendly middle aged politician in suit gesticulating and talking with audience from podium against USA flag during election debate