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A girl with a bicycle walking on a pedestrian crossing

Top closeup view of cars passing over a zebra crossing.

Pedestrian crossing in the middle of a working day in the center of Manhattan. Steadycam shot

Busy city street people on zebra crossing.

Elevated High Angle / Top Down Shot of the People Walking on Pedestrian Crossing of the Road

A child and her mother crossing the pedestrian crossing on a bicycle

Group of kids looking for traffic before crossing the road

Footage of several workers painting the pedestrian crossing

pedestrian crossing sign yellow

Aerial top down view of an intersection crossroads with traffic, moving cars of different colors and ebikes, surrounded by green trees. Camera moves down

T/L High angle shot pedestrians and traffic across Shibuya Crossing, Hachiko Crossing, Shibuya, Tokyo, Honshu, Japan

A night low angle view of a flashing pedestrian crossing warning sign in the downtown area of a large city.

Closeup legs crossing zebra in town daylight. Separate red cycle path on road. Unrecognized man boy walking going white marked pedestrian crossing together. City traffic control demarcation concept.

Group of kids with school bags crossing the road

Pedestrian crossing light in big city goes from walk to do not walk 4k


Timelapse of a busy pedestrian crossing in Jakarta during evening rush hour, located in a major bus station

Back view teen girl standing at pedestrian crossing in urban city waiting for green light. Confident Caucasian teenager outdoors in town tossing hair in slow motion looking around.

Caucasian female teacher wearing a face mask and high visibility vest stopping traffic on a pedestri


Attractive female brunette using navigation on smartphone and crossing streets of urban New York City

Pedestrian crossing the street in front of Shibuya station.

Two girls with school bags crossing the road

Confident teen girl smiling while crossing city street in slow motion. Tracking shot of happy teenager walking in sunshine.

Slow motion footage of young confident teenage boy walking across a zebra crossing while listening to music with headphones at city. Concept

Big City Life. Walking Pedestrians. Car Traffic. Public Transport. New York City.


Pedestrian Signals Against the Backdrop of the City

Two girls with school bags riding bicycles and crossing the road

Traffic signal light for bicycles and springs

Busy Pedestrian crossing on Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China, T/lapse

Top view of cars driving over a zebra crossing on a city street with camera panning motion.


People Cross the Street against the Backdrop of the City Lights

people commuting in new york city on crowded streets. urban lifestyle scene

Side view unrecognizable teenage girl in embroidered Ukrainian shirt standing at pedestrian crossing outdoors. Teenager waiting for road crossing in urban city. Slow motion.

new york city street scene at sunset. crowd of people walking

People walk along the pedestrian crossing, cars pass by. Slow motion.

green light of traffic signal for pedestrians in city, close up view, road traffic and highway safety for people in megapolis, traffic light permitting signal on intersection and pedestrian crossing

New York City Usa September 20 2017 Pedestrian Crossing Crowded Streets In 120 Fps Slow Motion

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - CIRCA FEBRUARY, 2020: Cars traffic on street road. Pedestrian crossing or crosswalk in downtown. Traffic lights, traffic signals or stoplights


Slow-Motion pedestrian crossing, People commuting in city at night

The feet of people at the crosswalk.

Pedestrian crossing light in big city evening hours 4k

Pedestrians crossing wide city roadway on the green


Brunette woman waiting at a zebra crossing and walking across busy New York City roads in bright sunlight.

Slow motion happy fun multiethnic couple hugging, dancing and jumping over street pedestrian crossing in New York City.

male business person crossing the street

Group of kids crossing the road

Families crossing a street in Brooklyn

Busy city street people on zebra crossing.


Individuals Cross the Street on a Bustling Night Life