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Sad hispanic girl sitting on sofa with parents arguing in background


Candid Tearful Small Boy Listening To Mother Scold Him For Misbehaving Closeup Sad Child Face Learning Lesson Parent Education Concept Kid Head Nod Child Nodding

Scared girl sitting on floor as her parents fight

Child expressing deep sadness and despair. Emotional moment with parent.

The upset girl sit on the bed against the background of the arguing parents


Little brunette girl in pink clothes covers her ears and is sad while her parents are quarreling while sitting on the sofa in a modern

Mother and elder daughter arguing in the kitchen at home. Lillte girl covers her ears with hands. Problems in family relationships


Candid Tearful Small Boy Listening To Mother Scold Him For Misbehaving Closeup Sad Child Face Learning Lesson Parent Education Concept Kid Head Nod Child Nodding 2

Medium shot of African parents putting on warm hats on their kids who are standing with sad faces in front of them and do not want to go to school

Sad child silhouette on stairs at night. Boy waits on steps while parents quarrel in cottage house. Kid sits alone on staircase steps of


Dramatic Scene Of Father Suffering From Financial Difficulties While Consolated By Son Small Boy Embracing Dad During Hard Times Parent Suffering In The Dark With Kid

Sad african american father and son sitting on sofa and embracing, in slow motion

Young couple with child reviewing documents on sofa at home

sad upset boy sitting with his head bowed

Upset girl studying while her parents fighting

Silhouette of a sad teenager locked in a room. The concept of harsh parenting and domestic violence

Child witnessing parental conflict


Depressed Father Being Consoled By Son Sitting In Corridor In Silhouette Child Hugging Sad Parent During Crisis

Unhappy siblings receive scolding from parent in living room

Young Girl in Remote Asian Village: Exploring Indigenous Culture

Unsatisfied boy with crossed hands standing on the left as blurred parents yelling scolding kid at background. Portrait of sad annoyed Caucasian son with angry father and mother at home.


Sad and withdrawn little brunette girl in a pink suit covers her ears with her palms while her parents in a checkered brunette shirt are

Daughter and her parents arguing by the window at home

Family Disagreement: Emotional Impact on a Child.

Sad Daughter Watching Father And Mother Fighting At Home


Sad Father Being Held By Son Dramatic Scene Of Male Parent Suffering Sitting In Corridor In The Dark Child Consoling Dad

Family at home

Portrait of a sad teenage girl and teddy bear lying in bed.

Supporting parents stacking hands with upset son gesturing thumbs up smiling. Confident Caucasian man and woman endorsing sad boy sitting on couch in living room at home.


Sobbing Child Listening To Moster Scold Him For Misbehaving Childhood Education Concept Parent Explaining Son Misbehavior Tearful Sad Kid Lifestyle Real Life 2

Young parents arguing in new home, upset child amidst moving boxes


Sad angry little girl quarrels with her parents and is indignant about their words while sitting on the sofa with her middle-aged dad with

Sad child embracing stuffed animal.

Sad child finding comfort in stuffed animal.

Close Up Portrait of a Little Male Toddler Crying and Screaming at Home. Angry and Frustrated Baby Throwing a Tantrum, Being Upset and Sad, Expressing his Emotions Loudly

Close-up sad unhappy Caucasian teenage boy looking at camera closing face as blurred parents resting in restaurant at background. Upset adolescent ignored teenager posing indoors in slow motion.

Silhouette of a sad locked teenager outside a room door. Tough parenting methods

Child Poverty in a Small Village: A Heartbreaking Reality in the Philippines

Caring mother helping her child with homework. Child struggling with studying. Education, intelligence. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Family Conflict: Parents Disagreeing Over Laptop

Caring Mother Resting with Child on the Street

Sad girl studying while her parents fighting

Young couple with child counting money at home

Family Conflict: Emotional Disagreement and Separation

Portrait of sad bearded man standing in living room close up. Woman and boy are in the background. Family relationships. Family problems. Slow motion.


A protestants family dispute. Angry father punishment for his daughter when wife telling him truth about bad marks in school. Stressful

Sad child embracing stuffed animal.

A person holds an infant in Africa.