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loose weight concept. Overweight man loosing weight. Belly disapearing and man closed the buttons of shirt

Elderly fat women has overweight. she used hands squeezing excess fat of the waist

Man exercising on stepmill in the gym. Getting in some cardio is effective for health and weight loss

Tilt down of male doctor showing glucose meter to overweight female patient and explaining its results

Weight checking video stock footage

Fat woman body trying to put on her tight jeans

overweight man closeup of belly trying to put up jeans Trying fasten a button

Overweight woman walking on treadmill in modern gym.

Fat girl in a blue dress in front of a mirror

An attractive blond overweight woman at home, eating cake.

A Man on the Couch with a big Belly, disappointed of his Body Condition

Fat folds on the male stomach, close-up

Fat man check his body with a measuring tape. Overweight man isolated on white background. Increased risk of heart diseases.

Unhappy overweight woman at home wanting to work out with barbells.

Attractive overweight woman preparing healthy smoothie.

Extreme close-up of female Caucasian hand showing fat on tummy. Body of unrecognizable obese woman with cellulite. Unhealthy lifestyle, overeating, overweight problem.

Close-up portrait of tired plus size woman taking break in fitness workout to drink water and wipe sweat with towel. Hard breathing overweight female jogger during break in training on city stadium

Elderly fat man eating chips and drinking beer late at night

Body positive concept. Slow motion of happy overweight woman dancing at kitchen interior at home

4K Fat to Fit Weight Loss 3D Stock Animation | Plus Sized to Lean Muscular Before After Transformation Male Fitness | 4096 X 2304 DCI 4K | Version 10

Upset overweight woman looking at her reflection in mirror, disappointed with body condition

Close-up of barefoot female legs stepping on weighing scale in domestic interior. Rear view of african woman in leggings checking her body weight on scales after successful weightloss program.

Beautiful adult blonde woman struggling to fit into old too tight pair of jeans after gaining weight while standing in front of mirror at home. Reflection of sad female trying to squeeze into pants.

Fat girl runs along the road

Upset overweight african american woman buttoning old tight pants with difficulties after gaining weight. Frustrated black female struggling to button small jeans in front of mirror at home.


Young redhead confident woman smoking hookah in blue swimming pool at tourist resort. Portrait of charming plus-size Caucasian lady enjoying vacations outdoors in sunshine. Slow motion.


Online sport training for beginners. Chubby man exercising with fit ball, doing lunges, watching tutorial on laptop


Chubby man jumping with skipping rope without sneakers, injuring his foot and suffering from pain, working out at home


Overweight man jumping with skipping rope, but feeling irritated, throw it down and lying on coach, feeling lazy

Close Up Of Overweight Woman Measuring Waist

Overweight Woman At Home Eating Snacks And Watching TV

Portrait of a greedy fat man eating burger on black background

Attractive overweight woman at home working out with barbells.

Two Overweight Women On Diet Eating Healthy Meal In Kitchen

Overweight Woman At Home Eating Snacks And Watching TV

Close-up portrait of breathless plus size female taking break during intense cardio training on sports ground. Tired fat woman jogger breathing hard while running, active outdoor sport workout

Side-angled shot of fatty man running on simulator

Medium shot of an overweight young man doing an intense workout on an exercise bike shot on Red camera 4K

Overweight woman walking on treadmill in modern gym.

Happy Overweight Woman Standing On Scales In Bedroom

Unrecognizable overweight woman preparing healthy smoothie.

Displeased adult female in casual clothes looking at her reflection in the mirror, feeling fat and ashamed of excess weight. Upset negative woman standing in front of mirror disappointed

Fat man scratches a huge belly eating chips, close up

Upset women dissatisfied with body image in mirror

Overweight woman in gym with coach walking on treadmill.

Tilt down of male physician reading information on glucose meter and talking to overweight patient

A hippo eating hay in zoo

Close-up face of fat brunette Caucasian girl sitting in front of plate with sweets. Hungry plump woman looking at tasty dessert and licking lips. Overweight, healthcare, unhealthy lifestyle.