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Orthodontist put on elastic on braces. Healthy teeth. Good smile of the patient 4k

Orthodontist put on elastic on braces. Healthy teeth. Good smile of the patient 4k

Handheld slowmo close up of gloves hands of unrecognizable dentist holding jaw

Close up of gloved hands of unrecognizable dentist holding periodontal scaler and pointing at jaw x-ray on tablet

Girl on reception at the dentist, the stomatologist examines the child's teeth

A dentist turns on the lamp and brings it closer to the patient in slow motion

Patient lying in chair at the dentist looking in the mirror. Stomatologist showing the result of dental care after hygienic cleaning. Dental examination of teeth. Concept of white healthy smile.

African male dentist using plastic teeth model for teaching little male patient how to use toothbrush in the dentist office.

Dentist Checkup. Dentist checking a woman for cavities.

Nurse working at digital dental fingerprint of patient, while specialist dentist doctor with face mask is speaking to man with toothache sitting on stomatological chair preparing tools for examination

Planned dental check-up. Woman sitting in dentist chair with open mouth while the doctor treats the patient.

Close-up portrait of young Middle Eastern man holding teeth cast and smiling at camera. Professional orthodontist posing in dental clinic. Dentistry, medicine, employment, health care.

Stomatologist doctor talking on web cam with patients about oral hygiene looking at camera. Dental assistant preparing man for stomatological surgery, footage with software overlay concept

Close-up shot of attentive doctors performing surgical operation installing dental implants into patient's mouth in modern dental clinic. Dental instruments. Stomatology clinic. Dental surgery

Over shoulder shot of young happy african american man patient looking at mirror and smiling, enjoying teeth treatment

Dentistry, medicine. Baby at the reception at the dentist. Dentist working with the dental curing light

Cheerful handsome mature male patient sitting in the dental chair looking in the mirror smiling showing thumbs up curing cavity treatment health medicine dentistry clinical examination

Smiling Dental Hygienist During Patient Education

Dentistry. Female dentist examines the oral cavity of little baby

Male dentist interacting with patient 4k


Patient explaining toothache to dentistry nurse at stomatology visit. Orthodontic assistant taking notes to prepare for oral care procedure to cure caries pain with dental tools in cabinet.


Caucasian male patient and Middle Eastern dentist talking examining dental x-ray on tablet discussing treatment in slow motion. Serious men in hospital indoors. Medicine and health care concept.

Black male dentist showing jaw x-ray on screen to patient, consulting woman about teeth condition and treatment plan

Plastic jaw model close up. Hands holding artificial teeth.

Animation dental brackets and tooth implant on a white background. 3D render.Alpha channel is included.

Rear view shot of male orthodontist in scrubs showing jaw x-ray on tablet to female patient and suggesting treatment

Dentistry. Dentist examines baby teeth. Close up

Dentistry. Female dentist polishing teeth of little baby in slow motion

Young black woman stomatologist holding plastic jaw and teaching dental hygiene to camera, showing how to brush teeth

Medium shot of mature woman with short hair sitting on couch in reception area of modern dental office and discussing her jaw x-ray with female dentist in white coat

Top view shot of unrecognizable female dentist and male patient looking at jaw x-ray and discussing implants

Closeup woman getting a dental treatment


Nurse and stomatologist examining teeth of patient, using dental instruments to do drill procedure for oral care. Dentistry team doing denture inspection to treat man with caries.

Young woman dentist. Reception at the orthodontist. Replacement of braces. Polishing. Gel bonding.

Footage of a female dentist working on a patients teeth, the patient turns and smiles into camera...


Side view expert male orthodontist with dental cast and blurred curios student talking at background in slow motion. Middle Eastern man teaching interested Caucasian woman studying dentistry.

Stomatologist nurse looking at digital dental fingerprint on computer sitting in stomatological clinic while dentistry doctor is working with patient in background examining teeth problems.

Professional removing teeth plaque in dental office. Close up teeth polishing procedure. Dental hygienist cleaning teeth with dental high speed drill

Dentist shows a patient x-rays of the teeth in the dental office

A moving shot in a dentists office, a young female dentist examining and working on the patients teeth, the shot is moving from left to right, the patient turns into camera and smiles...

Woman looking at the apple at the dental clinic

Cermet implant creature process at laboratory.

Dental implant for use in chewing the jaw

Senior woman with new dental implants sitting in the stomatological office and looking in the mirror. Stomatologist showing the result of dental care after hygienic cleaning examination of teeth

Female dentist interacting with a patient 4k

Female with braces on her teeth eating green apple and smile. White. Closeup

False teeth in glass of water

Revealing shot of empty stomatology orthodontic office with teeth xray diagnosis images on monitors equipped with dentistry instruments ready for dental surgery. Dentist cabinet for oral care