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Equipment of modern ophthalmology device in clinic

Close-up of senior man looking at female doctor while she examining his eye with retinoscope

Ophthalmologist - Light Focused on the Patient's Eyes

High medicine technology - ophthalmologist in eyes clinic working with patient by modern computer technology, slider shot

Doctor check eyesight of senior man with biomicroscope

An ophthalmologist sits at a table with various diagnostic devices. Close up

Portrait of cheerful female doctor in eyeglasses looking at camera and smiling in ophthalmology clinic

ophthalmologist - glow moving on the womans eye

Medical ophthalmology surgery - laser vision correction

Tracking shot of elderly man in trial frame looking at camera while visiting ophthalmologist in eye care clinic


Male opening closed eyes and looking straight to camera. Mid age grey-haired brunette guy with green eyes. Pleasant calm people background

Smiling ophthalmologist pointing at circles on eye test chart talking with man sitting holding occluder. Portrait of expert Caucasian woman checking vision of adult patient in hospital.

Optician conducting eye exam with refractometer machine at optical store

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - nowember 6, 2018 Woman at the reception at the ophthalmologist, vision test. Cataract fundus

Slow motion macro close up of male blue eye is looking and blinking outside the camera.

Eye Examination: A Professional's Assessment of a Patient's Vision

Stylish eyeglasses and eye chart with a young woman

Child's Eye Exam - Pediatric Ophthalmologist Assessing Vision

Woman do eye test at clinic

A child receiving eye treatment - shining light in the eye

The blue eye is an extreme close-up of the iris and pupil, widening and tapering.

Modern automated machine examining eyeball. Eye examination test on a professional medical equipment screen

Optometry equipment in a big white room 4K

senior woman getting an eye exam

Woman check on eye in clinic

Young woman with eyeglasses and eye chart in the background

Cinematic macro shot of male blue eye with dilated pupil is looking and blinking in camera.

Panning shot of female practitioner examining eye of senior woman with slit lamp and talking with assistant in eye hospital

ophthalmologist - glow on the womans eye from a special device

Tracking shot of female eye care practitioner performing eye examination of elderly woman with slit lamp in modern clinic

A display of an electronic device for checking the vision. There is an eye and technical data about the condition of your eyes on the screen

Child tries on glasses at mirror - shopping at eye clinic

ophthalmologist - the ophthalmologist is looking at the womans eyesight with a special magnifier

Ophthalmology specialist performing eye checkup for child in sunny doctor's office

Close-up of Asian man with intense expression. Young Korean guy wearing glasses. Teenager making eye contact. View of Chinese male individual.

Tracking shot of senior man in trial frame sitting at table with female ophthalmologist and looking at camera in eye care clinic

ophthalmologist - woman sitting at an eye test apparatus and waiting

Tilt up of female doctor looking through binocular of slit lamp while examining eyes of senior man in ophthalmology clinic

Woman at the reception of an ophthalmologist. Eye examination and selection of spectacle lenses

Ophthalmology surgery - laser vision correction

Ophthalmologist treatment - a child examining eyes with device by the table

Closeup of senior man wearing modern equipment on eyes doing eye vision test in clinic

Examining eyesight with optical equipment

close up shot of a woman's hands, a lady with a manicure on her nails examines glasses with a multicolored frame, she wants to see more clearly

Ophthalmology clinic - woman checks vision by modern equipment

Unrecognizable doctor adjusting eye chart projector for child's vision exam in modern clinic

Female patient is in an operating room of ophthalmological clinic. She is lying and looking up, apparatus is over her eye, close-up.

Gorgeous blinking eye close-up