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Man under arrest with hands handcuffed behind his back

Guy Offender attacks another Man in a poor Quarter, demanding where is my Money

Police officers running after criminal on underground parking. Policewoman and policemen chasing robber. Female and male cops in uniform trying to catch offender

Police officer stopping the driver of a vehicle and questioning him over an alleged offence through the open window of the car

Hands of man in handcuffs close up. 4K 60fps video

Police officer arresting a perpetrator in a hoodie holding him down on the ground after catching him in an illegal act or crime

The thief hacks the door lock in the car

Close-up of police officer chevron. Policeman typing in tablet as crying blurred Caucasian woman talking to him at the background. Police protection, law enforcement, serve and protect.

Depressed Man In Prison, Head In Hands Alone. Male silhouette, horror. Scary in Mental Institution.

Male cop handcuffing criminal at patrol vehicle. Policeman guiding offender into police car. Detention of accused man by police. Police officers working together during operation

the robber in the mask c has a crowbar in his hands were under camera surveillance

Caught young criminal lying on floor in police lights as unrecognizable policewoman putting his hands behind back. Unsuccessful thief or murderer arrested by police officer indoors at crime scene.

Courageous policeman running in hurry on underground parking with patrol car on background. Emotional police officer screaming during detention of criminal. Male cop aiming gun

Young bearded Caucasian detective standing in sunrays with documents, talking to brunette woman, and shaking her hand. Handsome detective investigating crime. Testimony, interrogation.

Back view of unrecognizable Caucasian brunette woman talking with police officer. Detective collecting witnesses about neighbor's robbery. Eyewitness, testimony, law enforcement.

Slow motion shot of two policemen using force and yelling at a drug dealer during interrogation

Jail cells shadows on the prison floor.

Camera follows unrecognizable drunk Caucasian woman with wine bottle walking to corpse hit by vehicle. Slim young female driver causing fatal road accident. Drunken driving concept.

The thief wearing hoodie breaks the car door with a metal tool takes bag and gone

Group of men and woman interrogating arrested black man about bag of drugs sitting at table

Guy Offender attacks another Man in a poor Quarter, demanding where is my Money

Kidnapping. Offender attacking a young guy in the city. Terrorist taking prisoner hostage. The concept of human trafficking

Smiling female police officer in sunglasses talking to blurred arrested thief at front. Portrait of satisfied Caucasian policewoman catching dangerous burglar filling in report. Protect and serve.

The thief wearing hoodie breaks the car door with a metal tool takes bag and gone

Scared young Caucasian thief grabbed by the collar. Strong confident female police officer catching bandit robbing house indoors. Policewoman in sunglasses arresting burglar. Law protection.

surveillance camera caught the robber in a mask running off with a bag of loot

Back view of young unrecognizable Caucasian woman talking with police officer. Blurred detective typing on tablet. Focused on female witness. Testimony, law enforcement.

Group of police officers following criminal man with modern rifle in urban building. Male offender with firearm running away from cops. African american policeman aiming suspect with gun

Young brunette Caucasian man with green eyes looking at camera talking as blurred police officer shaking head at background. Portrait of unfortunate burglar persuading innocence.

Police officer arresting a perpetrator in a hoodie holding him down on the ground after catching him in an illegal act or crime

Policeman aiming criminal man from car window. Male cops in patrol vehicle following man on underground parking. Tired offender with sniper rifle running away from police

Brunette young Caucasian woman talking to police officer and showing around. Female robbery victim sitting on sofa and complaining detective about break-in. Law enforcement, police protection.

Male criminal raising hands at detention. Suspect caught by police. Tattooed man holding hands up. Police arrested robber at night. Dangerous offender standing in dark

Young policemen in patrol car chasing criminal. Male offender running from cops on underground parking. Multi ethnic police officers following suspect. Police men and woman getting out of car

Guy Offender attacks push a Camera in poor Quarter, demanding where is my Money

Portrait of unfortunate thief taking off balaclava in police lights as unrecognizable policewoman aiming with gun. Caucasian burglar caught at crime scene by police officer.

Police detective showing photos of the person, but the suspect criminal does not recognize anyone. Cop questioning offender in interrogation room.

Concept animation, prison, building, room, cage, detention.

Confident policewoman in sunglasses crossing hands looking at criminal with hands up. Portrait of Caucasian female police officer arresting burglar indoors. Confidence and law protection.

Close-up portrait of young arrested Caucasian thief looking at camera in police lights with blurred policewoman in sunglasses with crossed hands at background. Arresting and law offence.

Hopeless unfortunate criminal looking at camera as blurred policewoman aiming with gun at background putting on sunglasses. portrait of sad thief at crime scene indoors in police lights.

Police officer putting criminal face on car trunk. Sad man arrested by cop. Closeup policeman hand aiming dangerous suspect with gun. Police team taking robber in to custody

Female hands aiming gun at thief taking off balaclava sitting on stairs indoors. Portrait of young Caucasian man caught by police officer in wealthy house. Burglary and law offence consequences.

Wide shot portrait of confident female police officer holding hands of criminal behind back and looking at camera. Caucasian woman arresting man indoors at crime scene. Service and arresting.

Portrait of confident female police officer raising hands with gun looking at camera as unfortunate criminal thief sitting on stairs at background. Caucasian woman arresting burglar in wealthy house.

Female hands raising holding armed gun with blurred policewoman and desperate burglar or murderer at background. Confident Caucasian police officer catching criminal indoors.

Arrested young criminal lying on floor in police lights holding hands on head as unknown policewoman walking at background. Unfortunate caught thief or killer indoors.

Gun in female Caucasian hand with blurred scared thief holding head in hands at background. Policewoman arresting robber indoors at crime scene. Law offence and justice concept.