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Rear of Caucasian mother holding hand of little daughter pupil with backpack and walking going to school outdoor. Close up of female parent leads girl to lessons on street. Back to school concept

High School Students Being Dropped Off At School By Parents

mom sending her daughter off to school

Mother gives kisses to her kids and sends them off to school

Mother In Car Dropping Off Daughter In Front Of School Gates

Handheld tracking of cheerful mother with short red hair sitting in car and hugging her teen son with backpack while dropping him off at school


african american preteen girl sitting alone on bench close up. schoolgirl take off backpack after classes in school corridor. Curly creative pupil get out sketchpad to drawing picture.

Multicolored Pencils, Paper Clips and Notebook on Brown Wooden Desk. School Office Supplies on brown wooden table. Concept of back to school

High School Students Being Dropped Off At School By Parents

Back view of elementary age schoolchildren rising from seats to get off school bus. Mixed race woman driver waving goodbye to diverse preadolescent kids leaving school bus and going to school

Friendly asian woman driver waving goodbye to elementary age pupils getting off school bus near school. Yellow school bus opening doors for diverse joyful schoolchildren hurrying to lessons


A Caucasian teenage boy takes off a face mask and looks at the camera - a school in the background

Mother and daughter return from school at sunset. Mother and daughter with a briefcase on the back going home from school, rear view

Bus Drops off Students at School

Schoolboy puts a notebooks in a school bag. Back to School

Back view of Caucasian mother holding hand of little cute daughter with backpack and walking going to school outdoor on sunny morning. Woman leads girl to lessons. Back to school concept


Back To School on blackboard with school elements, motion school and kids style background

High School Students Being Dropped Off At School By Parents


Happy schoolgirl opening book sitting bench in school hall close up. African american curly girl ready draw creative homework at break. Focused teenage schoolchild taking off backpack in corridor.

Affectionate mother giving kiss googdbye to adorable teenage schoolgirl while driving daughter to school. Joyful loving single mother sitting in driver's seat and kissing her girl before school.

A group of cheerful small school kids in corridor, running. Back to school concept. Slow motion.

Close-up of young Caucasian woman hugging her children and seeing them off to school. Brother and sister with backpacks waving their mom and leaving. Happy mother saying goodbye to daughter and son.

children return home from school through the autumn park. School backpack on the back


home school children Boy at online school class raise hand and ask education question, then write in textbook Spbas. Smart kid at remote distance lesson talk with teacher through laptop. Concept

Stab shot of Biracial teenage boy taking off his shoes and jumping on bed after he got back from school

Mid-section shot of unrecognizable mother handing lunch bag to Asian 12-year-old schoolboy while seeing him off to school in morning

Group of kids with school bags walking in the school corridor

Medium slowmo of four cheerful diverse school children in casual clothes throwing paper airplanes at camera and hugging, standing in modern school corridor

Cute diverse elementary age schoolkids saying bye to smiling mixed race woman driver while getting off school bus. Preadolescent friendly schoolchildren taking turns leaving bus arriving at school


Back To School on blackboard with colorful chalk, motion school and kids style background

playful asian girl blowing soap bubbles showing off playing with camera, asian child enjoy her time while walking back home from school, with small cute kid backpack, healthy fun preschooler age

Handheld tracking shot of happy mother with short red hair handing lunch bag to her 12-year-old daughter and waving goodbye while seeing her off to school

School stationery on brown wooden table and notebook: pen, scissors and paper clips, ruler and pencil sharpener, smiles binder clips. Concept of back to school, education or knowledge

Caucasian woman holding hand of little schoolgirl and walking going to school outdoors on street. Portrait of girl junior student goes to lessons with mom in sun lights. Back to school. Study concept

Young woman and little girl in school uniform are holding hands and running skipping along the trees in the park at sunny autumn weather. Family late for school concept, steadicam shot back view.

Mother Dropping Off Daughter In Front Of School Building


Child wearing white t-shirt standing by metal railings and reading book, stops reading and looking at camera smiling. Portrait of school girl in school library. Concept of education

Happy primary school students opening school doors and running away from school building after lessons. Crowd of joyful preadolescent schoolkids leaving school at the end of studies and rushing home

Medium shot of woman with short red hair putting face mask on happy mixed race 11-year-old girl while seeing her off to school in morning

Smiling mixed race female driver of school bus waving goodbye to elementary age kids going to school. Diverse schoolboys and schoolgirls taking turns leaving yellow bus arriving to school

Group of cheerful children going home from school after covid-19 quarantine and lockdown, taking off face masks.

First time to school. Happy cute clever boy in glasses with school bag and book in his hand. Back to school. Parent and pupil of primary school go hand in hand. Mother supports her son before study.


Back To School with colorful pencils and pens, motion school and kids style background

Happy young school kids wearing coats and bags running in a walkway outside their school building

Medium shot of African man sitting on wooden stairs, greeting his little son, helping him taking off school backpack, hugging him and talking to him

MS Mother saying goodbye to daughter going off to school at doorway / China

Online education, Back to school, Happy schoolboy, Learn lessons. Schoolboy does homework using laptop while sitting on the grass near the school. Portrait


Young high school students walking in corridor at school, back to school concept.