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Macro detail of a power button being pressed and the device turned off

mans hand reaching for the light switch and turning it off 4k

Close shot of light bulb turned off

Power Switch on Guitar Amp Flipped On and Off

Young woman freelancer turning off laptop computer and closing, stretching and resting after finishing project at home

Man turns OFF the lights with a smart app as he leaves the house

Analog power button animation, switch, plug, turn on.

Footage of a studio light being turned on and off

Man and woman taking off protective masks

Close-up of disk of industrial stationary circular saw. It is switched off, then it is switching on and starting to rotate

Asian woman in hazmat suit taking off mask and face shield and looking at camera during work in coronavirus hospital

Television static noise and a black screen at the time of channel switching, black, white

Surprised and shocked man taking off his glasses and looking at the smartphone screen

Young guy taking off protective mask at sunset, closeup. The victory over the coronavirus pandemic

Bad Old Tv Station Off Air Analog Glitch Download

Real light bulb turning on, flickering and turning off

Turning a chandelier lights on and off

An old 1970s television set with static on the screen shuts off.

Portrait Beautiful girl blond young woman looks at the camera never taking her eyes off angry expression Emotionless Against the background of orange yellow lights The wind blows in the evening city.

Recording light at radio station booth turning on and off 4k

Close-up portrait of overwhelmed teenager taking off augmented-reality headset to exit virtual reality. Mixed race boy shocked by reality of what is happening in virtual world during video game

Turning on and off the air conditioning on a thermostat

Portrait of cute girl who watches over view from window on train and looks forward to getting off transport at station. European-looking girl with long blond hair smiles and looks at camera, and

A digital alarm turns six and man turns off alarm

Young elegant businesswoman sitting at office desk, talking on mobile phone, taking off glasses and smiling while working late in the evening

Wiping ON/OFF Countdown (24fps)


Crime scene in the woods. Taped and cornered off area with Crime Scene Tape all around the crime site. Killer on the lose

Space Shuttle Lifting Off with Huge Smoke Clouds

Down arrow pressed on elevator control board 4k

Frosted Incandescent Light Bulb On Off And Flicker

Unhappy Asian Married Woman Took Off Wedding Ring Looking At Jewelry Thinks Sad Thoughts About Cheating Husband, Makes Divorce Decision, Pass Through Family Split, Break Up And Separation Concept.

On air sign - going off and on - blinking...

Water running in Public restroom turned off

An office desklamp turns on then off.

Slow motion shot of sparkling sunlight reflecting off water waves.

Light Bulb with Several Filaments Fades On and Off

beauty brunette model in studio alone with ideal shiny skin portrait Cover her face with hands and then take off her hands from face and smiling to the camera


Close-up of a blue-eyed young man taking off contact lens with fingers and blinking. Advertising of contact lenses for vision improvement. Optical shop, health care and medicine concept.


A woman in a hijab in a black mask against coronavirus removes the mask and inhales the fresh air. The concept of the end of the pandemic, you can breathe easy and take off your masks.

Travel concept. View from airplane window. An airplane takes off. Foggy weather.

Woman in yellow gloves thoroughly wiping off the dust from laptop

Renovation of the room. A woman cuts off a roll of wallpaper for pasting them on the wall.

Close-up of cheerful young man with moustache taking off protective mask. Portrait of smiling hipster. Student architect is using online video conference for remote learning.

Happy male doctor sitting in front of the building taking off face mask and looking at camera.

Close up clips of Man's had turning light on and off, hand groping wall to find light switch, shot in 4K video

Handsome man in camis shirt takes off sunglasses and smiles to the camera, stead

Steadicam Shot Of Man Teeing Off On Golf Course With Sunset And Red Rock Cliffs

Beautiful blonde woman student take off glasses