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anxiety - (psychiatry) a relatively permanent state of worry and nervousness occurring in a variety of mental disorders, usually accompanied by compulsive behavior or attacks of panic.

Group of multinational college students obsessed with smartphones walking, ignoring everything around them on university campus. Multi ethnic young people phubbing each other using mobile app outdoors

Panicking hysterical woman with shaking hands drinking water sitting in psychologist office indoors touching hair. Portrait of overwhelmed Caucasian millennial patient with stress disorder.


Focused boy using pad lose in online game sitting school hallway close up. Excited pupil having fun with gadget ignoring classmates. Obsessed preteen student playing tablet alone in corridor.

Bored young wife sitting on bed upset, while her husband using mobile phone ignoring her. Gadget obsessed man addicted to smart phone and social media lying on bed with no interest to his woman.

Group of multi-ethnic high school students addicted to smartphones walking through campus park, ignoring everything around them. Obsessed young people phubbing each other using gadgets

Depressed woman feeling worried and restless

Attractive young couple sitting back to back at home on couch obsessed with smartphones. Couple with mobile phones ignoring each other as strangers, communication problems and social network addiction

Close-up hands of nervous young woman sitting in psychologist office indoors. Unrecognizable depressed Caucasian patient with mental obsessive disorder. Stress and imbalance concept.

Close-up portrait of frustrated hysterical young woman talking sitting in psychologist office indoors. Stressed beautiful Caucasian patient explaining symptoms laughing. Mental disorder treatment.


Focused thoughtful elementary age boy surfing internet using pad computer close up. Obsessed with tablet schoolboy sitting school corridor alone. Dependent teen pupil checking social media indoors.

Five college students including both young women and men walking and looking down at their mobile phones and ignoring everything around them on a university campus in slow motion

Multi ethnic group of female and male college students walking outdoors on a university campus all on their mobile phones never looking at anything but their smart phones

Top view of food blogger or social media influencer makes photos of her amazing huge mouth watering fast food burger on smartphone, obsessed with publishing online

Teacher, Manager, Seller, Attorney in the Stress

Portrait of worried uncertain preadolescent African girl with curly hair nail biting, expressing anxiety and tension while visiting counsellor during psychotherapy session at medical office.

Stop Over Thinking Sign Dont Analyze Too Much 3 D Animation

Mixed race nightclub visitors networking online on cellphones at bar counter ignoring each other. Antisocial behavior of people obsessed with phones during leisure in city nightclub with disco lights

Desperate crying woman sitting in psychologist office as female hand passing tissues. Portrait of depressed Caucasian young female patient with hysteria disorder sitting on couch holding head in hands.

Sad woman feeling uncomfortable over white background

Irritated annoyed African American woman talking on the phone gesturing in slow motion standing at table in home office. portrait of troubled stressed young businesswoman arguing with partner indoors.

Male Freelancer Eating Noodles Near Computer Having Lunch At Home

Hysterical crying young woman sitting on couch talking with blurred psychologist gesturing writing at front. Portrait of millennial Caucasian patient with mental disorder on appointment indoors.

Portrait of expert psychologist sitting in armchair talking to patient indoors. Professional Caucasian beautiful woman in eyeglasses asking questions analyzing obsessive disorder. Diagnosing concept.

Beautiful girl with tablet computer sits on the bench in summerhouse. Angry girl with Tablet-PC sits on the bench in bower. True sincere emotions. Girl playing the game on his tablet computer

Female hand passing glass of water for nervous hysterical woman talking sitting on couch in psychological office. Unrecognizable psychologist consulting millennial Caucasian patient indoors.

Students walking by all on their mobile phones playing games or on social media on a university campus in slow motion

Black people obsessed with weight loss and fitness. African american girl training in gym, doing sports activities. Young woman working out, practicing, exercising for wellness, well-being, weightloss

Four friends talking and using and holding their mobile phones smiling and having fun while hanging outside on a college campus

Cute Little Girl Is Obsessed With Something Watching.

Medium shot of a mother arguing with her smartphone obsessed son about messy bedroom

Wide shot worried young woman talking gesturing lying on couch in psychological office. Anxious stressed millennial Caucasian patient sharing with psychologist indoors.

Woman eagerly eating sweet cake. Happy greedy woman eating junk food. Unhealthy eating leads to health problem.

Shooting over shoulder of expert psychotherapist with pen and paperwork asking questions talking with blurred patient indoors. Intelligent Caucasian psychologist consulting woman.


Dependent little schoolboy surfing social media communicating with friends using tablet close up. Obsessed boy play online games alone on school break. Focused teen guy ignore classmates in hallway.

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Top view chandelier hanging on ceiling in psychotherapist office with hysterical woman lying on couch laughing and crying. Young stressed overwhelmed Caucasian millennial patient with mental disorder.

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Tracking shot of group of three young female friends drinking takeaway coffee and talking when sitting on sofa in shopping center

Rear view of young woman in dress carrying paper bags with purchases after shopping for clothes, tilt up shot

Front view anxious obsessive young woman sitting on couch talking to psychologist indoors. Portrait of worried stressed paranoid millennial Caucasian patient consulting doctor.


Legs of women wearing jeans walking in mall with shopping bags in slow motion. Following shot of friends after purchasing new outfits. Shopaholics buying goods compulsively. Concept of shopping

A technology obsessed blonde girl touching on smartphone moving skillfully on social media application, young active on holiday worker checking on friend's new feeds, missing people while on vacation