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Slow motion: Man observing sunset over sea at tropical resort

Two lecturers tells and shows presentation on the scene to packed house of listeners - extremely close up

close-up of high tech cyber eye with zoom into eye to black


Woman enjoys Rest and tranquility close to nature in garden of country house at night

Istanbul, Turkey - 2013: Turkish-flagged ships at the port, Bosphoros bridge in the background. Istanbul's economic, cultural, and historical center.

Silhouettes of two man scientists looking through telescope on shore of lake in dark

Observing Scenic Country View: Young Woman on Terrace, 4K

Time lapse of people walking in exhibition hall and observing contemporary paintings while visiting art gallery

Curious Gazes: Baby's Eyes Observing and Exploring the World in Closeup Toddler View.

Young Woman Writing on Laptop in Outdoor Coffee Shop, Medium Shot

Close view of man and child observing through telescope at twilight

lecturer tells presentation on the scene to packed house of listeners

Close up brown female eyes. Blinking and closing. Macro view.

lecturer tells and shows presentation on the scene to packed house of listeners - extremely close up

MUMBAI, INDIA - 7 JANUARY 2015: People entering the train at the train station in Mumbai.

MUMBAI, INDIA - 7 JANUARY 2015: Man standing by open train door and watching landscape during ride.

Tourist spends vacation at luxury eco friendly camp in evening. Lady reflected by glass window

Mother and child pedal together on catamaran riding along peaceful river against village enjoying scenic view. Having fun and observing

Security system monitor with multiple camera views. People from surveillance cameras.

Asian boy looking and shoot with DSLR camera

Serene sunset scene: Young woman finds joy in peaceful nature

Time lapse of woman sitting on bench in exhibition hall and observing paintings while visitors walking around art gallery

Three diverse individuals pose for the camera

Two middle aged men sit together outside in the wilderness and talk during sunrise, or sunset while on a camping trip or hike in the woods as one of the men point to see something in the distance.

Low angle chest up shot of Asian lesbian couple standing in forest, discussing nature and then looking at each other with love while hiking on summer day

Close-up shot of a teenager with sadness in the eyes. Boy leaning onto the balcony handrail and looking at the city scene

Portrait Of Beautiful Baby Portrait Looking Around

Senior man visit cardiologist in health clinic close up. Latino woman doctor preparing elderly patient for medical examination. Therapist checking pensioner pulse. Healthcare old people concept.

Slow motion shot of a person in a yellow dress enjoying a summer evening on a roof terrace with scenic rural landscapes

Curious Young Explorers: Hiking Adventure in the Forest

close-up of high tech cyber eye with futuristic hud hologram

MUMBAI, INDIA - 7 JANUARY 2015: Man standing by open train door and watching landscape during ride.

Children observe nature outside glamping tent. Calm siblings sit at table at beginning of new day on summer vacation. Bored kids in hotel

Elderly woman talks with grandson standing at the viewpoint

Father teaching son about stargazing on rocky shore

Back view of a boy contemplating vast ocean from the hotel balcony on the coast. Traveling to Nazare, Portugal. Shot with changing focus


Bearded man in scarf looks at wintry landscape. Concentrated man observes tranquil beauty of nature while thinking about future. Gentleman

Walking down busy streets of Bourbon during Mardi Gras 2018 4k

Old man looking through magnifying glass

Close-up of mature man's eyes. Gray eyes and facial anatomy.

Mother and child look at rocks in forest in summer. Creative. Mother with boy in forest with rocks and green trees. Family hike in dense

People on balcony celebrating Mardi Gras 2018 4k

Brown-blue Macro female eye close up. Generated by AI. Slideshow

Silhouette of woman near reflective glass closeup. Portrait of woman by window at night.

Observing surroundings with binoculars

Observing serene nature scene at sunset from the bridge


Female hacker observes server deciphering process in office

Young woman in yellow dress enjoying village scenery from rooftop terrace