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Asian news anchor hosting live broadcast to discuss about new international material on television. Woman journalist presenting world news

Asian journalist does newscast with greenscreen on live tv program, presenting daily news and important events. Woman news anchor covering

African american tv news anchor in studio presenting daily world events with newscast reportage, television content. Man journalist hosting

Presenter discusses breaking news using greenscreen template on broadcast channel, sitting in newsroom. Media news anchor presenting

Television broadcasting with positive female news anchor weared formal black jacket from virtual studio on live TV news channel


Female journalist leads broadcast of American politician or US President press conference for political TV program. African American

Broadcaster does report with greenscreen on live television show, presenting breaking news and latest events. News presenter covering

Media broadcaster hosting talk show late at night, discussing about important global events on live television program. Asian woman working

Diverse journalists host night show live on tv network, presenting breaking news segment in newsroom. Media presenters team addressing daily

Diverse men hosting morning show live in news studio, team of reporters presenting global events on television program. Two coworkers doing


News anchor reports breaking news live from US government building. Female reporter leads broadcast for political television program from

Presenters team on late night talk show to discuss about daily important events and latest scandals in studio, addressing all topics on tv

Journalist covers news on greenscreen in newsroom, addressing latest events and presenting daily information live on tv program. Newscaster

Broadcasters team presenting news live during night show tv program, using daily topics on reportage to discuss about important events

Male news anchor in special report from TV studio talking about the beginning of military exercises and training of soldiers

Night show presenter opens media segment on live program, creating reportage with latest scandals and famous people. TV journalist hosting

Journalist gives news with greenscreen on live television program, using modern technology copyspace template in newsroom. Man reporter

Female news anchor on live TV news channel reporting on sanctions in Russia and oil embargo because of war in Ukraine

Television broadcasting with positive female in red dress, news anchor from virtual studio on live TV news channel

Pharmaceutical industry healthcare newscast presented by news anchor and discussing about medicine development. Drugstores experiencing

News anchor presenting events live on international television, talking about latest news. Media presenter covers politics or economics

News anchor warns about new economics crisis, presenting stock market prices drop and people losing money. Latest news about financial


Asian newscaster reports breaking news live for political television program. Female reporter or journalist leads press conference broadcast

Smart male news anchor presenting European news standing in front of the EU flag speaking panning slowly to the left Shot on Red cinema camera

Female news anchor reading the news in front of a European flag with a production team and camera man in the studio


Female reporter leads broadcast for political television program from press conference with the new President of the United States. News

Male news anchor in breaking news report on TV channel reporting on latest political news and talking about isolation of Russia

Late night talk show journalists going live and addressing important daily events, hosting famous tv program for entertainment at midnight

Reporter gives news on cancer treatment, scientists discovering drug that cures virus. Man journalist presenting information on healthcare

Male news anchor in TV news studio and journalist interviewing african american rescuer worker after devastating fire live on TV news channel

Slow motion of news anchor presenting British news with gestures. 4K shot on Red cinema camera.

Female news anchor in TV studio reporting breaking news about racism and commenting racist attitude of the police officers

Journalist team hosting late night show on live television, discussing about latest world problems on midnight tv program. News anchor man

Producer and news anchor in a production team in a news studio issuing instructions while standing in front of the EU flag

Male middle-aged news anchor wearing glasses standing behind a podium with the Olympic Flag reading the Olympic sports news


Asian anchorwoman reports breaking news live from government building. Female journalist leads broadcast for political television program

News anchor training his public speaking skills to deliver the news to the audience by reading texts into the microphone in home recording studio.

Presenter shows news about airlines and commercial flights making a comeback before holiday season. Media journalist talking about airplane

Television broadcasting and report with positive female news anchor from virtual studio on live TV news channel

Media journalist does medicine reportage to present new drug treatment innovation on pharmacy shelves. Woman newscaster talking about

Latest news about businesses adopting AI technology for company and profit development, experts trying to invest in artificial intelligence

Newscaster talks about zombie apocalypse on live television, presenting footage of attack and virus spreading amongst population. Man news

Newscaster team on late night talk show on live tv program, debating latest international issues at midnight. Media reporters colleagues

News reporter debates AI growth on live television, addressing artificial intelligence rise for media technology segment on newscast. Man

Disturing footage of fire in the city, media journalst presenting breaking news about disaster and emergency rescue operation. Broadcaster

Reporter presents small businesses struggle during economics crisis with logistics or products distribution. Journalist gives information

Woman presenter doing news reportage on agriculture business, presenting local farmer working in own greenhouse to make natural organic

Late night show host on live television presenting hot daily topics and latest celebrities scandals. Man broadcasting reportage about famous