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Emotional irritated man crossing hands and saying No, shaking head as denial and rejection, blue studio background.

Shocked Woman Expressing Disgust Negative Emotion Shaking Head, Pink Background

Reflective young woman contemplating personal challenges.

Closeup rage woman screaming at camera. Portrait of angry woman shouting with aggressive emotion in studio. Serious lady making negative face expression. Stressed female model.

Close up face of sad woman

Businessman Browsing Smartphone, Negative emotion

Sad woman sitting alone in a empty room


Upset Little Boy Angry Child Grimacing Face Negative Emotion Profile Face

Social Isolation concept. Caucasian man with crossing arms looking at the buildings outside the window

Portrait of stressed woman posing with hands gestures on grey background. Closeup angry woman looking at camera with negative emotions in slow motion. Unhappy lady standing in studio.

Overwhelmed Woman Feeling Anxiety Person Having Stress


Lady faces storm of emotional struggles. Woman confronts labyrinthine complexities of emotional state after argument with family. Feeling of


Woman with negative emotions sits on staircase. Lady with mental health problems chooses place to be alone at home. Depression disorder

Close-up of sad frustrated man sitting alone at kitchen table thinking of relationship problems nervously touching face with hands

Portrait of angry woman screaming with aggressive emotion at camera. Portrait of rage girl shouting in studio. Female person making negative face expression. Unhappy lady posing on grey background.

Woman in Distress: Expressions of Sadness


Woman stands in self embrace against window. Woman executive reflects on unrealized potential for company advancement with thoughts clouded

Portrait of Skeptical Black Man, Uncertain African American person Having Doubt


Troubled Young Woman Sitting On Floor In Desperation Covering Face With Shame Hopeless Girl In Crisis


Upset woman walks along cottage terrace. Thoughtful lady in bad mood tries to calm down looking at garden behind window. Negative emotions

Angry African American Woman Frowning Expressing Negative Emotions, Pink Background

Troubled Black African Man Feeling Anxious And Worry

Woman Frowning Head And Looking Directly At Camera With Angry Expression Person Shakes Head In Negation Negative Emotion Rejecting Offer

Closeup portrait of adult woman with deep sorrowful blue eyes staring into the distance as mascara runs down her face. Upset depressed female looking at camera, tears and makeup running down her face.


Woman in hood leans on tree at evening twilight. Sad lady stands in forest alone thinking about painful experience in fresh air at sunset


Disheartened woman sits in kitchen room. Sad lady grapples with stress of uncertain future particularly pressing challenges of financial

Angry woman scolding against studio background


Displeased Child Emotional Negative Expression Kid Upset Emotion

Unhappy woman texting message on mobile. Close up of sad woman looking mobile. Sadness girl texting sms. Negative female emotion. Annoyed woman with smartphone. Stress concept

Furious woman expressing negative emotion while driving car

Disappointed businesswoman reading bad news on mobile phone. Emotion of disappointment while checking message on smartphone. Finance problems concept.

Sad woman crying at home

Shadow of crying man close-up, silhouette of depressed male person on white striped background. Feeling stress, having troubles, headache.

Furious woman expressing intense emotion at camera. Portrait of enraged person yelling in studio. Unhappy individual posing on neutral background. Attractive person making negative facial expression.

Angry woman face expression. Resentful. Close up of upset model face. Sad girl face expression. Portrait of unhappy woman looking in camera on white background. Negative female emotion.


BIPOC person playing videogames on smartphone, having negative burst of emotions after defeat. Frustrated gamer losing game on phone

Concerned young woman facing challenges (4K)

Sad Worried Caucasian Woman Having Psychological Problem Feeling Anxiety Depression,Sitting on Couch at Home. Upset Lonely Girl Thinking of Grief Troubled, Unwanted Pregnancy concept, Close Up View

A sad girl sitting on the floor, a ray of light falls on her. Unmutual love of a teenager.

Sad Worried Caucasian Woman Having Psychological Problem Feeling Anxiety Depression, Sitting on Couch at Home. Upset Lonely Girl Thinking of Problems Sit Alone. Unwanted Pregnancy

Lonely sad woman suffers from negative emotions because of divorce leaning on palms on blurred background in semi-dark room at home extreme close view slow motion

Sad frustrated Middle Eastern boy sitting on carpet at home thinking. Portrait of lonely depressed bullied child alone indoors. Childhood problems and depression concept.


Anxious African Black Man Feeling Frustration And Anxiety

Upset African-American woman with hijab sits in office center slow motion. Muslim lady with depression disorder. Negative emotions and mental state

Upset businessman covers head with hands after failure

Young Woman Receiving Bad News Girl Emotion Reaction Negative Reaction

Portrait of angry man displeased and fearful doing disgust face because aversion reaction, annoyance guy sitting on a sofa at home. motional guy disgusted expression, feeling angry, indoor.


Troubled Young Woman Standing In Front Of Bathroom Mirror Suffering From Mental Disorder