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Closeup shot of glass mug on saucer filled with herbal tea and tiny camomile flowers on wooden table with jar of honey

Caring for a Lamb: A Heartwarming Connection

Stack of jam in jars with paper caps. Homemade jam on festival. Close up view.

Above view of cup of hot tea with lemon slice and bowl of honey near dry leaves on wooden background


White cup of lavender tea. Alternative medicine. Immunity boosting healthy herbal tea.


Close-up herbalist's hands collecting medicinal plants, herbs and healing flowers in the mountains outdoors. Herbal alternative medicine for holistic healing. Phyto therapy, botany and naturopathy

Cosmetic oil in a bottles

Essential oil of orange drips into a glass bottle, close-up. Aromatherapy, natural cosmetics, alternative medicine

Closeup: Woman Applying Eye Drops with Natural Makeup


Young woman sneezing while sniffing wildflower, walking in the meadow in the spring time. Relaxed woman suffers from seasonal allergy, sneezing while collecting floral bouquet in the nature outdoors

Essential oil in a bottle on a green leaf

Top view of glass cup with fresh herbal tea and mint leaves on gray wooden table

This is an emergency

Jars with herbs and fruit plate on table. Nurturing and invigorating start to day becomes cherished tradition. Healthy lifestyle during

Macro close up of drop of essential oil from pipette falling to brown glass bottle with green herbs at background

Natural alternative supplement pill medication Naturopathy herbal medicine

Blender full of sliced juicy fruits vegetables start blending in super slow motion close up. Top view fresh ripe apple carrot banana chopping in mixer for preparing tasty smoothie. Healthy nutrition.

Bearded man covering his ears from a loud noise

Various herbs on white background

Water poured into a pot of tea, cup in front of the pot and jar of honey on the side.


Close-up of brown herbal supplement tablets scattered on white background

Macro shot of unrecognizable hand holding pipette with essential oil dropping in glass bottle with medicinal herbs in background

An eyebrow specialist applying remedy on the brow of his female client

Man Stirs Golden Milk Turmeric Health Drink with Cinnamon Stick


Transparent capsules with granular brown contents on white

Glass transparent jar filled with golden honey and wooden stick on top lying on gray surface

Rustic juicy eco garlic clove or garlic bulb on vintage wooden background. Concept of healthy food background. Shopping food supermarket. Pungent flavor as seasoning or condiment

Diet and Nutritional Supplement. Vitamins healthcare supplements pills.

Bunch of garlic whole bulbs. Harvest of unpeeled eco friendly fresh raw vegetables. Spicy culinary ingredient, healthy eating. Pungent flavor as seasoning or condiment, traditional medicine

Essential oil made from mint

Alternative traditional healing: Young spirit healer's reiki treatment for elderly woman


Young woman sneezing while gathering wildflowers in the meadow outdoors, suffering from allergy in spring time. Female herbalist collecting medicinal herbs in mountains. The concept of pollen allergy

Mixing powder with water in glass jar. Hand preparing substance in glass container. Ferment for cheese making. Woman preparing probiotic milk. Food industry.

Garlic bulb on wooden table. Spicy culinary ingredient, healthy eating. Pungent flavor as seasoning or condiment, traditional medicine

Eyebrow lamination - an eyebrow specialist applying remedy on the brow of his female client

Zoom in shot of hand of pharmaceutical lab technician in sterile gloves placing glass dish with oil capsules on white table in studio

medical cannabis capsule and leafs animation



smiling young woman smelling flower while walking in the meadow in mountains outdoors. Alternative medicine, naturopathy, herbal medicine. Self care natural product. Herbalism. Aromatherapy

Woman Rubbing CBD Oil on Wrists

Alternative marijuana store, food reserve inside a glass jars, organic homemade herbs, zero Waste, a quality storage food package, reduce packaging waste, healthy eating, alternative medical usage

The holiday continues

Tranquill garden pond illustration for spa and wellbeing

Omega-3 fatty acids vitamin nutritional health care supplement pills

Pouring Golden Milk Turmeric Drink into Cup. Healthy Anti-Inflammatory Detox.

Blue dried violet flowers tea rotating close-up. Decorations for food and desserts. Herbs

Woman Applies CBD Cannabis Cream for Pain Relief

Eyebrow lamination - an eyebrow specialist combs the eyebrow hairs up with a remedy on them