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Young Teen Girl Playing Piano

Young violinist performing at a wedding ceremony

Nun playing the violin on charity concert in church, concentrated religious sister holding music performance in symphony with church choir. Religious performance for glorifying God Jesus Christ

Detail shot of woman fingers performing on a golden polished saxophone. Close up of female hand on a musical instrument.


Singer performing on stage with red spotlight and shadow silhouette

MS Rear view of girl wearing white dress, playing piano / China

Talented woman creating music

Teenage musicians rehearsing

Teenage Students Studying Percussion In Music Class

Silhouette of female musician plucking strings of harp during rehearsal

Young musican man checking strings of acoustic guitar close-up. Male guitarist tuning sound of musical instrument.

Close-up of hands. The elder plays a folk stringed musical instrument. Gusli.


Black Man Practicing Guitar At Home African Mixed Race Learning To Play Musical Instrument 2

Close- up. Hand of the sound producer. Professional audio operator working on audio mixer knobs. Controls of video and audio mixing console, close up of hands using it slow motion

Young Boy Playing the Violin Up Close

Unknown saxophonist hands playing musical instrument solo in studio spotlights close up. Professional saxophone player performing on stage night club. Silhouette of man musician holding sax indoors.

Woman pianist plays piano in the dark, shooting from the back.


Slow motion. Two girls play electronic musical instruments in a music school against the background of the Canadian flag. One of the girls plays the synthesizer and smiles sweetly, and the other plays the bass guitar.

Close Shot of a Musician Playing a Traditional Asian Percussion Instrument

Close Slider Shot of the Black and White Keys on a Keyboard or Piano

Musical drums kit on black background. Set drums. Close up of white drum set on dark background. Percussion instruments. Instruments drummer. Drum tools. Music drum plate. Musical instruments

Man watches online lessons on laptop learning to play guitar. Male person with musical instrument sits at wooden table near gadget slow motion

Macro shot of the neck of an electric guitar. Shot was taken in 8K.

Salesman Advising Customer Buying Violin

Close-up of a saxophone, Exquisite musical instrument detail.


Slow motion. A young guitarist plays an electric guitar and listens to the instructions of his mentor, during a rehearsal at a music school.

Close-up of person playing acoustic guitar. Musical instrument for recreation or hobby passion concept. Outdoors.

Saxophonist's Golden Saxophone: Live Music Performance

Talented musician creates beautiful music on guitar and other instruments

Young musician plays the trumpet with joy. Musical talent showcased.

Playing drums with colorful yellow powder close-up. Drummer playing musical instrument, professional musician player.

Orchestra rehearsal: conductor and strings


Having played synchronously on an electronic drum set, a male teacher and an aspiring girl drummer look at the camera with a smile, sitting in a modern music school classroom.

Man Playing Guitar

Close-up of woman's hands playing the piano. Musical instrument grand piano details.

Medium Shot of a Musician Playing a Traditional Cambodian Drum


Slow motion. A girl drummer plays with drumsticks on an electronic drum set. A musician makes a mistake during a rehearsal, sitting at an electronic musical instrument in a music school.

Pyongyang, Women performing during a concert at the Pyongyang concert hall, North Korea, DPRK, Asia

Woman in Russian folk costume playing a vintage flute

a drummer on the rock concert

Man Plays the Guitar


Close-up. The face of a young talented girl drummer, with beads of sweat on her face, during an energetic performance. A girl plays an electronic drum kit while sitting in a music school.

Guitarist playing and singing a song, person relaxing. People standing and playing music. Lifestyle, music, hobby, passion at home.

Close up view of piano keys. Piano keyboard background with selective focus. Close frontal view. Camera moves left, image blurring

Pianist performs on stage in concert. Musician plays an instrument on the concert stage. Hands playing piano. Person touches fingers on keys.

Piano hammers hitting strings inside an old piano.


Slow motion. A young girl with braces on her teeth, laughs happily and vigorously taps her drumsticks on an electronic drum machine, while sitting indoors against the backdrop of the American flag.

Piano played by a musician